Themed Birthday Parties

Are you looking for some inspiration for a fabulous birthday party? We’ve got the solution for you! We’ve got a variety of birthday party packages available to work with you and meet your needs.Customize Your Party

Here are some of our favorite reasons that make hosting a birthday party at Playland Skate Center in Austin simply amazing:

Budget-Starting at just $115 for the birthday guest of honor and seven additional guests, our party packages can not be beat!

Theme-The theme is up to you! You are invited to bring your own decorations and create a birthday party that your children will love! We’ve noticed that Frozen birthday parties and Ninja Turtle birthday parties have been among the favorites. Of course, roller skating makes a fun theme in and of itself. For fun ideas to get you going for decorations and themes check out roller skating parties on Pinterest.

Completely Customizable-We offer several options for birthday party add-ons. You can customize your party to include an upgrade to roller blades instead of traditional quad skates. You can also add skate mates for young and beginning skaters as well as the soft play option.

Fantastic Fun-Whether your party guests claim to be able to skate or not, a skating party is still perfect because it allows everyone to have fun. Most guests can’t resist the temptation to lace up their skates and take a couple of laps around the rink. And don’t forget that at Playland Skate Center we’ve got tons of fun with our soft play indoor play structure and video game arcade!

Less Mess-Trade in the mess and hassle of hosting a birthday party at home. You’ll not only save yourself the stress of cleaning up, but also the stress of the prepping ahead of time. All of the shopping, food preparation, and housecleaning that takes place in advance can be outright exhausting.

Take a look at our party packages and let us know if you have any questions. We are now booking winter and spring parties and suggest that you call 512-452-1901 or book online as soon as possible in order to secure your date.

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