The Perfect Gift

Vanilla Junior 2.0 skatesIt’s Thanksgiving week and while most people are getting prepped for all the family and food that comes with Turkey day, others areĀ preparingĀ for a different day. Black Friday. Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, the world gets a little bit crazy as moms and dads get up at the crack of dawn and push their way in and out of department stores in the hopes of snagging the perfect gift at a huge discount. Seriously, it’s nuts.

Now you can join the chaos of Black Friday shopping by entering the BATTLE ZONE {aka the mall} or you could save yourself the early morning wake up call and visit our Pro Shop instead! From the comfort of your own living room you can browse through some amazing items that your favorite skater will love. Speed skates, jam skates, rhythm skates, you name it. We’ve got it all.

Maybe you have a friend who has been wanting some new wheels a pair of skates they’ve had for a while. We’ve got that too.

No need to beat yourself up in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. Just hop on over and get all your shopping done with a few swift clicks!


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