Get Fit While Having Fun

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t skated in 10 minutes or 10 years, it’s always the right time to get back in the rink! Skating is not only a fun and stress relieving activity, but it’s great for your health at all ages!

Adding roller skating to your normal fitness routine offers a ton of health benefits that you probably never even thought of! Taking a few laps around the rink is a great cardiovascular workout and also helps improve your balance, endurance, and lower body strength. Each time you glide out onto the Playland rink you’re giving yourself a great time and a great workout! As you rock and roll (literally) to your favorite tunes you and enjoy the thrill that comes with taking turns lapping your friends, you don’t even realize you’re getting the same high-energy aerobic results that would come from running at 10 mph or more. Many people don’t like working out because it feels like, well, working out. Skating takes that negativity out of the picture so you can enjoy yourself while getting a great physical fitness boost.

While taking advantage of the numerous open skate sessions during the week is a great way to hop on the physical fitness train, Playland Skate Center also offers a fantastic Sk8 4 Fitness session every Friday from 12:30 -2:00pm. Playland is the best source of skate fitness for adults and kids in Austin, Tx, so what are you waiting for?

image from flickr: cowycoff1

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