Family Fun in Austin, TX

One of my fondest memories growing up was the time I got to spend with my family. I probably didn’t give it as much credit back then, but now I am thankful I had the opportunity to visit so many fun, family-friendly places that my parents, my brother, and I could all enjoy. Which is why I’m so thankful that Playland offers some of the same family-friendly fun that I remember enjoying as a kid.

From the arcade, to the PlayZone, and OF COURSE, all the great skating opportunities, Playland Skate Center is your GO TO hot spot for family-friendly fun here in Austin. We pride ourselves in providing a great place for ‘kids’ of all ages. That means parents can kick back and join in on all the fun too!

Between parties, daycares, fundraising events, private lessons, and open skating, you’re never far from a good time at Playland. Visit our events page to see what’s coming up and set aside some time for good old-fashioned family fun, right here in Austin, Tx.



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