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Choosing the Right Skates for Getting Fit

If you are looking for a new way to get fit, skating can be a fun and exciting way for the whole family to join together. When making a roller skate purchase, you have to find a pair that will provide maximum support and comfort. It is also a good idea to invest in elbow pads, knee pads and a helmet. Jackson-Vantage-Viper-Fugitive-1

Whether you choose in-line or traditional roller skates, you need to find a pair that is well constructed and have wheels that can be easily replaced if one chips or becomes worn. If you plan on skating outside, you must find a pair that has sturdy wheels that can tolerate the different textures of pavement. Make sure you have a set of wheels for inside to. Most rinks will not allow you to use outdoor wheels on their rink surfaces.

When you are making a roller skate purchase, one of the most important things you must look for is a good fitting boot. The boot must offer support to both your foot and your ankle without binding or cutting off the circulation to your toes. The boot must be snug to support the sides of the feet as well as the ankle when making turns and shifting your weight from side to side.

One key to remember when trying on roller skates is to always wear the socks you will be using when you are skating. Wearing this socks will prevent blisters and protect your toes and feet from the seams inside the boot. Wearing the same socks to try on skates will ensure you have the same fit when you actually take off for your first time out.

For kids and adults who want to learn to skate or improve their skills, the facility offers both Group and Private Lessons. Speed Skating Lessons are also available for individuals who are interested in competition level sessions. Public skating lessons are offered on Sunday with the only cost being the price of admission.

What are Your Birthday Traditions?

How many candles are on your birthday cake this year? Throughout the United States, the tradition of a birthday cake and candles is fairly common. However, there are a variety of traditions from around the world that we thought it would be fun to share.Birthday Traditions at Playland Skate Center

South of the border, in Mexico, the piñata is a big part of the birthday tradition. The piñata is traditionally made out of paper maché, shaped like an animal, and filled with candy or other goodies. Individuals, often blindfolded, take turns hitting the piñata with a bat or a stick in an effort to break it open for a shower of candy to break forth. Blindfolded children take turns hitting the piñata and attempting to break it open. If this tradition sounds dangerous to you, don’t forget that if you celebrate with a piñata at Playland Skate Center (or anywhere else for that matter) bandanas are not required (it may be safer without).

To the north, in Canada, (the Atlantic side) birthdays are celebrated with the greasing of the nose. The birthday boy or girl is not the one that does the nose greasing. Instead, friends and family members attack the birthday girl of honor with butter or margarine and spread it on their nose. This will supposedly make you too slippery for bad luck to stick, thus you’ll have good luck!

Our family owned, roller skating rink in Austin has always enjoyed including roller skating in the birthday tradition. We are happy to share this tradition with everyone with a variety of fantastic party packages. You can easily book a party online, or call us at 512-452-1901 for more details.

Fun for Mom on Mother’s Day

You know that Mother’s Day just seems to sneak up on you each year. We didn’t want you to get caught with the rest of the last minute crowds that have to sort over the picked over cards, so get ahead of the game and get your mom a card now. Make sure that you slip inside that card her invitation to a day out in her honor. That day should include the people that mean the most to her in life…her children! What better way to make memories and celebrate family than through roller skating at Playland Skate Center?Austin, TX

With Mother’s Day less than one month away, this is the time to begin planning ahead. You’ll want to make that day as special as possible, and in an effort to help you with that, we have got just thing for you at Playland Skate Center.

Show mom just how much you love her on Mother’s Day and how well you know her by taking her roller skating. She’ll enjoy reminiscing on her roller skating as a child, and enjoy making new memories with her own children.

Mother’s Day Roller Skating Tradition

Playland Skate Center will be celebrating moms during our Sunday session on Mother’s Day. Here’s what you need to know to make it an amazing day for mom:

  • Admission for moms is free with a paid child’s admission.
  • Child admission is $8 (includes skate rental)
  • Open from 12pm-5pm

Don’t forget that while mom is skating on the rink, the little ones can play in the soft play indoor playground!

Mark your calendar, get all of the siblings together, and plan on a fun day for mom!  

How To Take Care of Roller Skates

Each week at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX we celebrate America’s favorite past-time. What is that favorite past-time you ask? Why, it is roller skating of course! We have beginners taking lessons, advanced skaters on the speed team, and our Sk84Fitness group just to name a few of the skating opportunities around our Austin roller skating rink. If you have made the investment in purchasing your own roller skates, then you know ho important it is to take care of your roller skates. There are three essentials that you need to know in order to take care of your skates the best that you can.

Smooth Wheels

Wheel nuts on the skates keep the wheels in place. Imagine the hazard associated with loose wheels as your ability to control your momentum and direction is diminished. The results could be disastrous. Never underestimate the importance of adjusting and tightening wheel nuts every couple of weeks. Take the time to tighten your wheel nuts so that the wheels roll smoothly.Online Pro Shop

Metal Bearings

Skate bearings are made of metal. Keeping bearings free of rust and corrosion is one way to help keep your skates in tip top shape. Carefully removing and inspecting bearings is one way to make sure they are free from dirt, dust, or grime. If there is any debris on them, make sure to use rubbing alcohol on them to remove it and allow them time to air dry.

Remove the Stink

There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet. That’s a lot of sweat that can add up in the confined space of your skating boot. Pay close attention to the insole of the boot in order to beat the stink. Airing out roller skates in sunlight allows clean air to carry the foul odor away. In addition to a good airing out, don’t forget to clean the insole of your boot with a baking soda mixture.

Investing in a pair of roller skates is something that we’re happy to assist with. Visit our Skate Pro Shop during our public skating sessions or stop by our online Pro Shop for additional details and purchase options regarding your skates or future skates.

Do you have any other favorite tips for keeping your skates like new? If so, please make sure to share them with us, and don’t forget to share of your skates with us on Facebook and Twitter!

April is a Great Time to Get Fit! No Fooling!

skating fitnessApril is just around the corner. That may mean spring cleaning for you, or it may mean that it is simply time to enjoy the blooms and blossoms. For others, this is the reminder that it is the perfect point in the year to continue on (or start up) those fitness goals. The Mayo Clinic suggests that at least thirty minutes of each day is dedicated to exercise. Let’s do the math…if there are 24 hours in each day, then there are a total of 1,440 minutes. Knowing that there are that many minutes in the day makes exercising only 30 minutes a day look easy, right? Well we think it is even easier when it involves roller skating at Playland Skate Center! In fact, we think that roller skating is one of the best ways to stay active! Here are a few of the reasons we believe that roller skating is one of the best ways get fit:

  • Cardio-You’ll get that heart pumping!
  • Calories-Ever feel like walking or running doesn’t burn enough calories? See how many calories you burn roller skating using this calculator!
  • Joints-Roller skating is much genter on those knees and ankles than running!
  • Beats-Our DJ has got the best tunes playing all of the time!
  • Disco Skate-Just because! Why not skate with the lights and the classic mirrored disco skate that we have at Playland?

Take a look at our calendar for all of the opportunities in which you can join us at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX. And if you’re looking for a group of others that are looking to get fit while skating, check out our Friday SK8 4 Fitness group.

Check out all of our opportunities to skate on our schedule page and Facebook and Twitter throughout spring and summer!

Take a Time Out from Traditional Team Building

Break through the old standard of company team building and check out all that we have to offer at Playland Skate Center! Our Austin family entertainment center has plenty to offer when it comes to team building. We’ve taken the lead from 30 Great Team Building Activities for Companies Large and Small to get your started with some brainstorming ideas that will work like a charm for your event!Austin


Before you even get started on your next team building activities, think about your goals. What is the overall purpose for meeting as a team anyway? Is it to build relationships among staff members? Is it to encourage fitness and wellness? Or is it a way to give back to the community? Maybe it is even a way to provide an opportunity to relax and lose some of the stresses associated with work. Whatever the reason is that drives your team building adventure, once you’ve set your goal, you’re ready to get to the planning!


At Playland Skate Center, our staff works with you to customize the perfect team building day! Our roller skating rink boasts plenty of opportunity for team members to get out and try something new! Roller skating is a fun way to encourage fitness and wellness as well as to build your team with fun and entertaining options. If this is a family friendly event, the younger children might enjoy spending some time in the indoor play structure.

Team Building by Giving Back

While roller skating and arcade game playing can offer plenty of fun with a dash of fitness and team building, we wanted to let you know that companies have found creative ways to turn team building into ways to give back to the community. Consider inviting employees and their families for a fun event at Playland Skate Center, and encourage them to bring a donation of items for a family in need during the holiday season or school supplies at the beginning of the school year.

If you’re ready to make a trip to Playland Skate Center a part of your next team event, contact us today.

Summer Jobs in Austin, TX

Playland Skate CenterThings are heating up, and we’re ready to hire for the summer! If you’re looking for a summer job in Austin, TX, you love working in a fun and fast paced environment, and you are available on evenings, weekends, mornings, and afternoons, then we need to talk to you! Playland Skate Center has been a fixture in family entertainment in Austin for 40 years, and we’d love to have you join our team!

Some of the tasks our employees assist with include checking in birthday party guests, putting away skates, helping customers get the right size rental skates, and offering optimal customer service with each phone and in-person interaction. We’re searching for applicants that are flexible and adapt easily in an environment that can be quite fast-paced. We are looking for friendly and outgoing employees that are hard working. Our part-time positions are a great addition to any resume! Come in and fill out an application at Playland Skate Center!

Tired of Over Fundraising?

At Playland Skate Center, we love to partner with schools and other organizations within our community through fundraisers. While we’ve provided tips for successful fundraising in the past, it is a timely topic to visit again with spring fundraisers starting to pick up. We recently read a few fundraising tips from and thought we would share a few that we’ve seen in action.

Don’t Over Fundraise

fun times

Make Fundraising Fun!

This rule of thumb is one that many parents are grateful for! We’ve all had that neice, nephew, cousin, or co-worker’s child that seems to be constantly fundraising for something. At Playland Skate Center in Austin, we’re happy to provide a fun fundraiser that promotes, fitness, fun, and provides an easy way to raise money. This beats selling wrapping paper any day!

Mix Large and Small Events

One fun way to do this at Playland is through a silent auction. Many schools ask for donations of goods or services that can be left out during the fundraising night in the form of a silent auction. This is a great way to combine a large fun night at Playland with a smaller silent auction. A fun spin on this is to ask classroom parents to create themed baskets for a silent auction throughout the night.

Call Playland Skate Center today with any questions that you mat have about your fundraising needs, or to book your next fundraiser!