Awards, Awards, Awards!

Great news for Playland fans!
Thanks to your dedication and LOVE of skating, Playland has received TWO reader poll awards from The Austin Chronicle.  Yes… TWO!

For those of you who don’t know, The Austin Chronicle hosts an annual Best of Austin campaign and presents awards to local businesses in various categories. We were thrilled to learn that Playland Skate Center was awarded both Best Place to Skate and Best Teen Hangout for 2012! The thing we love the most about these awards is that they were chosen by the readers which means the people of Austin picked us! Thank you all so much for your love and support! We couldn’t be more excited!

BUT, that’s not all! Along with our two fantastic Best of Austin awards, we were also informed that Playland is being considered and All-time winner with a total of 11 awards since the FIRST Best of Austin. Check out all the great honors we’ve got under our belt:

  • 2012: Best Place to Skate
  • 2012: Best Teen Hangout
  • 2011: Best Place to Skate
  • 2011: Best Teen Hangout (tie with Barton Springs Pool)
  • 2010: Best Place to Skate
  • 2009: Best Place to Skate (tie with Veloway)
  • 2008: Best Place to Skate
  • 2007: Best Place to Skate
  • 2004: Best Party Place (tie with Austin’s Park & Pizza)
  • 2003: Best Skating Rink
  • 2002: Best Skating Rink

Again, these awards and honors would not have been possible without YOU, our fantastic fans!

Special Holiday Hours

I don’t know about you but as soon as Halloween arrives it seems like the rest of the year flies by in a blur of turkey, tinsel, and twinkling lights. Lucky for you, Playland will be there to help you through the busy holiday season with special holiday hours!

So if you need a few minutes to yourself this Thanksgiving, while your overly perfumed grandmother and that strange uncle who spits when he talks dive into their annual political debate, head our way! We’ll be open Wednesday, November 21 and Friday, November 23rd from 12-6. We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day but open again Friday, November 23 from 12-6pm and  7-11pm. Gotta love special holiday hours!

We hope you’ll find some time during the hustle and bustle of the holidays to swing by and say hello!


Putting Your Best Wheel Forward

So you’ve graduated past the normal Playland rental skates and are looking for something a little more personalized. Your own pair of roller skates await you, designed to fit your fashion style and skating style. What, you didn’t know there were different skating styles? Take a seat folks, it’s time to get the run down on selecting the perfect roller skates to fit your personal skating style.

First thing is first when picking out the best roller skate to meet your needs. You have to decide what your skating needs are!

Maybe you are an artistic skater. Think figure skating but on wheels and a hardwood floor rather than blades and ice. If you’re looking to incorporate dance into your skating the wheels you will want to choose are going to be smaller in width and overall size so they can be easily maneuvered. Artistic skating wheels also tend to be harder than a standard wheel, allowing skaters to perform jumps, dance movements, and other freestyle skating moves with ease. But maybe you’re not into the danc-y flourishes of artistic skating. No problem.

How about basic indoor skating? Look for something comparable to what we have here at Playland. These “recreational” wheels are designed for hardwood surfaces and will vary in width depending on the speed you choose to travel. But what if you want to take your skating to the streets?

Outdoor skating requires a slightly different skate so accomodate a rougher terrain. Wheels are generally wider in order to make the skate more stable but they are also surprisingly softer to provide a smoother ride across rough surfaces. Now let’s say all those styles are great but you’re in the NEED for SPEED.

Speed skating wheels (indoor speed skating) are wider than standard indoor wheels. They are also on the harder side of the spectrum to allow skaters to reach higher speeds with less physical effort.

So, now that you know the different styles to choose from, get to it! If you’re still unsure about the right “fit’ for you, give us a call or swing by! Check out our proshop to see some of the options we offer and feel free to pick our brains about the best options for YOUR style! We’re your number one stop in Austin, Tx.

Photo from flickr: anat5000



Time To WIG Out!

Wig partyAs you know, Playland is a BIG FAN of theme parties. We love them so much we think one is needed every month! That’s why we introduced Featured Fridays!

The last Friday of every month turns from a normal night of open skate, to a totally awesome THEMED skate party! This month we want you to WIG OUT!

On Friday, October 26, bring your wildest and craziest wig to Playland! Make sure you can still skate in it, so we can see all the fancy hairdo’s circling around the rink!

AND… the best wig, wins a prize!

The Featured Friday WIG Party is from 7-11 so come on out to Austin’s favorite skate rink this Friday and WIG OUT with the rest of us! See you there!

Photo from flickr: ankarino

Learn To Skate At Playland

Now more than ever, kids are choosing to forego outdoor activities and opt for video games instead! All though we admit video games can be a blast, we also know how important it is for growing boys and girls to keep up with physical activity! Roller Skating is not only fun, but offers key aerobic, strength, endurance, and weight loss benefits that will keep skaters, young and old, in great shape! That is why we offer group and private skate lessons by Mr. Rollerskate himself, Michael Febonio.

Mr. Rollerskate works with individual and group skaters at all levels. He will accommodate to your personal level and help develop your balance, coordination, and physical fitness on wheels! Plus, you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget you’re actually “in class”. Beginner level skaters will work on posture, balance, and control as well as skate awareness. You will learn how to fall safely, sideways and individual foot balance, and a number of fun skate exercises along with basic forward skating. Moving up to intermediate skaters, lessons will advance to skills like “shoot the duck”, scissors movements, backward skating, weaving, turning, and T-stopping. Intermediate skaters will also place a large focus on maintaining proper body alignment throughout all exercises. And the top tier, advanced, will push your skating skills to the max! Advanced skaters will work on single foot maneuvering  isolating between skating on your toes and heels, jumping, and sliding forward or backward. You will also practice your skating ‘dance moves’ like the grapevine, shuttle jam two-step and even cartwheels!  There is something for all ages and all levels! In no time you’ll be giving Mr. Rollerskate a run for his money… something he loves to see!

Group lessons are held on Sunday afternoons from 2:00 pm to 3:0o pm for just $5 a person. Group lessons are available as an add-on to birthday parties for an additional $3.00 per person.

Private lessons are (by appointment only) held from 6:00 pm t0 7:00 pm on Friday nights and from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Sunday afternoons. Single lessons are $20 an hour plus the cost of admission into Playland. If you’re interested in more than just one lesson we have a great 4-lesson package for $150. The private lesson package includes the cost of skate rental and a one month skate pass that can be put toward any public skate sessions.

Contact Michael at [email protected] to reserve your group or private lesson today! Get up off the couch and onto some wheels at Austin’s favorite skating rink!


Playland Skate Center Does Halloween Right!

Get ready Playland skaters, TWO NIGHTS of ghouls, ghosts, and Halloween Fun!

Playland is hosting two separate Halloween parties so there’s something for everyone! Both events will include cash prizes for the UGLIEST, SCARIEST, and FUNNIEST costumes as well as some other Halloween fun you won’t want to miss!

Bring the whole family on October 27 at 8:30 or leave the kids at home and enjoy adult night (18+) on October 30th.

Mark your calendars now because you don’t want to miss out on these SPOOK-TACULAR events! There’s no better place to be in Austin, TX this Halloween!

Halloween Party

Spend the DAY at Playland Skate Center

girls roller skatingLooking for the perfect place to send your kids for a field trip or general DAY OF FUN? Look no further than Playland Skate Center! 

Playland is a great place for your kids to kick back with friends and have a blast. Since skating is not only fun but an excellent form of exercise for all ages, you’ll feel great bringing your kids to Playland knowing they are releasing energy and keeping healthy.

Daycare” admission is only $4.50 per child, including roller skate rental, you can’t beat that! Special daytime hours are available during Christmas break, Spring Break, all school holidays and through the summer*.

We also offer additional options:

  • $5.50 per child which includes skate rental, 8oz drink and 8oz cup of popcorn
  • $1.50 per child for unlimited use of the playscape
  • Skate Mates available, ask for pricing upon arrival
Call today to make your reservations so we may be prepare for your group and insure they have the BEST time possible at Austin’s favorite skate rink.
*No outside drink allowed. Pitchers of water are included.
*Special daycare and summer camp only sessions are available early morning in the summer.

Sk8 4 Fitness

Whether it’s been years or hours since you last strapped on a pair of roller skates, I’d venture to guess that you had a blast while they were on. Skating is an excellent way to have fun with friends at any age. But outside of providing a great time, did you know that roller skating is also a great form of exercise?

Yes, indeed! Adding roller skating, whether it’s with quad skates or inline skates,  to your normal exercise routine offers a ton of health benefits that you probably never thought if! Not only is it a great cardiovascular workout but also improves your balance, endurance, and lower body strength. Think about it. Each time you skate out onto the rink you’re jamming out to the music, trying to lap your friends, and having a blast, all while your heart rate gradually rises. You don’t even realize you’re getting a high-energy aerobic workout that is comparable to running at 10 mph or more, probably because the stress that your body takes on from skating is far less than that of running or jogging.

So now that your heart rate is up, what else is skating providing you? Well, think about how your legs and hips feel toward the end of a song. Your thighs, hips, and calves all work together to keep you moving forward and staying upright. You’re actually doing strength training, using your own momentum and body weight, while rocking out to your favorite tunes at Playland! Plus, the more you skate, the easier it it will be to stay out on the floor for extended periods of time. As your cardiovascular health and strength are heightened, your endurance will also improve. So while first-time skaters may need to take a breather after a few laps, a more experienced skater can keep going!

Finally, what do you get when you combine strength training, endurance training, and improved cardiovascular health? Weight loss! Believe it or not, roller skating for 25 minutes, three times a week can burn upwards of 750 calories. Who needs the treadmill anyway?

Lucky for you, Playland Skate Center is the perfect place to boost your weekly amount of exercise and have fun at the same time. We have a number of open skate opportunities during the week to come burn a few calories, but our favorite would have to be the Sk8 4 Fitness sessions every Friday from 12:30 -2:00pm. Playland is the best source of skate fitness for adults and kids in Austin, Tx, so what are you waiting for?

Playland Party FAQs

balloonsAlong with being Austin’s largest, most entertaining skating facility around, we are also happy to provide skating parties filled with good old fashioned family friendly fun! We’ve had some great parties here lately, and even more inquiries about scheduling, so we thought we’d take the time (er, blog space) to go over some of the questions we hear most when trying to plan a party at Playland.

First thing’s first, what is included with a party reservation?
When you all to make your reservation you will insure a table(s) for your guests for two hours, the ability to bring food into the rink, quad rollerskate rentals for your guests, pitchers of drinks, and a birthday (or other special event) announcement. While we provide the drinks you are able to bring in pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, and other snacks, as well as the paper products needed for your party. Since we don’t reserve rooms, tables only, most guests bring party-themed paper products, balloons, and centerpieces to serve as table decorations. *Please no confetti!* Table reservations are made based on the number of skating guests you have.

Next question on the list, do I need to make a deposit and what if something comes up where I’m forced to cancel?
YES, we ask that you make a deposit upon reserving your party slot. Deposits can be made in person by coming to the rink or we do accept credit card numbers over the phone. Since we have so many party inquiries, cancellations or schedule changes can be make 7 days before your original party date for a refund.

And the final FAQ, what do I do on the day of my party?
It’s party time! Be sure you check in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled party time. Payment and guest list will be given during check in and our staff will take you to your reserved table(s). Your guest list should include the names of everyone you invited, whether they RSVP’d or not. We understand that some guests may show up last minute, so to insure no one is left out please let us know if we can add names of unexpected guests. We will check your guests in as they arrive and. You will be charged for every kid that arrives, whether they skate or not. Guests’ parents are welcome to attent admission free so long as they are non-skating. If parents decide to skate along with the kids they will be counted as an additional guest charge.

Check out a more detailed list of party FAQs


Take a Virtual Tour of Playland

In case you haven’t had a chance to swing by Playland since our recent renovations, we thought you deserved a virtual tour! Take a look around!

This doesn’t mean you can avoid swinging by to see it for yourself!