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Learn How to Roller Skate at Austin’s Playland Skate Center

Are you looking for some quick tips to improve your roller skating skills? We’ve all heard that “Practice makes perfect,” and we agree that roller skating does take practice. Paying attention to the details involved in mastering the basic skills in skating forward is important. We invite you to join us for our FREE roller skating lessons on Sunday morning, but if you can’t we want to share a few fun tips to get you skating like a pro at Playland Skate Center in Austin.

Before skating forward, practice standing on your skates. A great way to balance on your skates without experiencing your legs flying out from underneath you is using the T Position. If your skates are parallel, you’ll find yourself rolling. Placing the heel of one skate next to the inside of the other skate, will allow you to form a capital T with your feet. This will prevent your skates from taking you with them. This basic skill that is recommended from the Roller Skating Association.

After learning to simply stand in your skates, check out these beginning tips from Skate Truck NYC. Their teacher recommends starting with walking on skates. This should be done with tiny steps, and it is important to note which direction your toes are facing. The skate instructor in the video linked below compares skating, and the directions your feet take you, with driving a car. Once you practice walking and foot positions and beginning motions of moving forward and backward, you’ll be ready to start with gliding. Watch the video below from Howcast for more information regarding the basics:

We’d love to hear from you regarding any tips or tricks you’d like to share or see in the future and we hope to see you out soon for one of our great skating sessions!


Quads or Inlines? That is the Question?

What type of roller skates do you skate with? When choosing roller skates, you have two options: classic quads or the skates with two pair of wheels. Or skates with one row of wheels in the middle, commonly known as rollerblades or inline skates. Both types of skate are popular at Playland Skate Center in Austin.roller skates

Many of the basics of skating are exactly the same with quads and inline roller skates. Stepping forward and rolling the foot back, regardless of where the wheels are placed is the same basic motion that skaters use in order to skate on either style.

The most obvious difference between the skates is felt through braking. Stopping with quads is done with the toe, but with inline skates, stopping is done at the heel. For some beginners, stopping with the heel can be difficult. 

Let’s break it down a little more:

Quad roller skates:

  • Meant for in-door skating
  • Slower
  • Not typically supportive for the ankles
  • More stable

Inline skates:

  • Optimal for skating outside
  • Made of hard plastic that encases the ankles, offering excellent support
  • Wobbly and require learning some balance
  • Meant for exercise and speed

There is something about quad roller skates that provides a bit of a nostalgic feel for many people. Inline skates on the other hand are a little faster and made for speed.

The process of learning to skate or choosing the right skates for your skating style are both full of endless possibilities. We hope these tips will help you enjoy skating to its fullest potential. For more information stop by our Skate Shop next time you are in to do a little shopping and ask us any questions that you may have.

FUNdraisers at Playland Skate Center

Playland Skate Center has been a fixture in the greater Austin, TX community for over 40 years! We recognize that we are a part of the community, and we love to be able to partner with various schools and organizations in an effort to give back.

The Fall semester of 2015 (from August to December) saw a record breaking amount of funds raised through our fundraising initiatives. Specifically, we had the priveledge of partnering with eleven schools throughout Austin. The combined total amount of funds raised through these partnerships and donated totaled $5,128.60!

In addition to partnering with schools for fundraisers, we are also able to help support fundraising initiatives through donations of Free Small Birthday Party Certificates to a variety of schools. Many area schools use these certificates during silent auctions held during fall festivals.FUNdraising at Playland Skate Center makes cents!

Is Your School or Organization in Search of Extra Funds?

If you are brainstorming for ways to earn extra funds, we’d love to partner with your non-profit! Partnering with Playland Skate Center is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here’s what you need to know to get started!

  1. Pick a Date

We offer fundraising events on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Look at your calendar and pick a date that is far enough in advance that you’ll be able to advertise properly. Give us a call at 512-452-1901 or fill out our contact form and we’ll let you know if that date is available.

  1. Confirm Your Date

If the date is available, then you’re ready to go. The most successful fundraisers take place with great advertising, that comes with step 3!

  1. Advertise!

Get as many people involved as you can! Take a close look at our fundraising scale and you’ll see that the more people that attend your event equals more funds raised. Therefore, it is important to hit the ground running with advertising. We recommend all of the following;

  • Create fliers to send home with students and potential participants
  • Create a Facebook event on your school, PTA, or organization Facebook page
  • Get the word out using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other social channels you are using
  • Post yard signs reminding parents in carpool lines or pulling in and out of school that your Playland Skate Night is coming up!

For more helpful fundraising information, read our fundraisers page. We hope that your school or organization is able to take advantage of this great fundraising opportunity!

Skate Your Way to Fitness in the New Year!

Did you know that 45% of Americans generally make New Year’s Resolutions? About 38% of those resolutions are fitness or health related, but statistics point to what we all know is true. That is that New Year’s Resolutions often fall by the wayside with only 8% of all resolutions seeing their end goal come to fruition. This you can be different with a few simple tips and tricks! new years

Skating for Fitness

Roller skating has always had several health benefits. Roller skating is fun and it burns calories too! Here are a few simple facts that we’ve gathered from our years in roller skating:

  • One hour of roller skating can burn 600 calories
  • Skating causes 50% less impact on your joints than running or jogging
  • The American Heart Association recommends skating as aerobic exercise to strengthen the heart
  • Roller skating improves leg strength and muscle tone.
  • Skating works your calf, shin, thigh hamstring, abdominal, and lower-back muscles
  • If someone skates one day, bicycles another, and swims or run on the third, they will take advantage of all the fitness benefits that aerobics can offer
  • Skating improves strength and flexibility
  • Skating is ranked third as an activity for all-around fitness benefits

 Don’t Go Overboard

Be realistic. Don’t be so strict that you ruin the sense of accomplishment with those New Year’s Resolutions or Goals. If you see something new and exciting that you really want to try, go for it. We can encourage you to try roller skating as a new physical activity this year!

Embrace Your Achievements

Reward yourself when you make it through one of your subgoals to reaching a greater goal. Think of a way to celebrate that won’t undo all of the hard work that you’ve put in! Look at what you have achieved so far and take a moment to pat yourself on the back.

We think Playland Skate Center in Austin is the perfect place to skate your way to your fitness goals in 2016! We can’t wait to see you during one of our roller skating sessions!