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Two Best of Austin Awards for Playland in 2015!

Playland Skate Center has been in business since 1973. Over the years we have seen a lot of people through our doors, and we have long been a fixture in the Austin community. With over 27,000 square feet of fun, it is no wonder that we were voted as the Best Place to Skate in Austin year after year by the readers of the Austin Chronicle! This year, we are proud to announce that not only do we hold the best place to skate title, we also hold the title for the Best Party Place! Yes, you heard that right! From corporate events, ladies nights, fundriasing nights, and all the way to birthday parties, we have got the partying going on!Austin Chronicle

Best Place to Skate

From the mention of our new wooden floor, to our way iconic skate boot disco ball, and to our one of a kind neon lights, the Austin Chronicle helped us remember why we’ve had over 40 glorious years in business in Austin! All of these things make us who we are and contribute to the memories that so many of our skaters have after growing up in our rink!

Best Party Place

Cheers again to the Austin Chronicle as they pointed out our many party packages, and the fact that roller skating is a great way to get the family out from behind the screens! We know that life is busy, and it is hard to take time out, but oh a day out skating is so worth it!

Take a look at our past achievements from the Austin Chronicle! We’re happy to have a legacy in our amazing community!

Tuesdays are Adult Night!

If you are 18 or over, then Playland Skate Center is the place to be on Tuesday nights in Austin. Our long running tradition of our Adult Night Skate welcomes both regulars and newcomers!

This session is perfect for those looking for a break from the little ones, and hey let’s face it, it’s a whole lot easier to find a babysitter on a Tuesday instead of the weekend! Not only is this a great parent’s night out, but it is great for anyone that enjoys roller skating without worrying about young skaters on the rink. Adult night

Bring out your roller skates and give em a try on our brand new wood floor. You’re welcome to wear blades or quads, and if you don’t have your own roller skates you can rent a pair from us!

Games and Play

While Adult Night skating is for roller skating, we do offer a great variety of video games and old school arcade games as well. You can challenge your friends to a game of basketball, skeeball, or a classic crane game. Of course you can challenge yourself to win as many tickets as possible to redeem them for a prize of your choice.

Whatever you choose to do, we believe that the Adult Night environment every Tuesday from 7-10:30pm is totally worth the trip to Austin’s very own Playland Skate Center!

Fall Fundraising at Playland Skate Center

How does your organization make money? Fundraisers at Playland Skate Center are set up so that a portion of each ticket sale at the door goes back to the school, group, or organization hosting the fundraiser. The key to making the most money includes getting the most people in the door! Take a look at our 3 tips below for a successful fundraiser to help you get started!Fundraising roller skating

Plan Ahead

Visit our Fundraising page and take a close look at the profit chart. It is pretty clear that the higher the attendance, the higher the percentage split is for the group or organization. In order to get as many people to Playland Skate Center as possible, you’ll want to plan in advance with enough lead time to get the word out.


Take a look at the target audience you are trying to reach and the key stakeholders involved. Is this group one that will tend to show up for an evening full of roller skating, or do they need even more incentive. Consider adding a 50/50 raffle, or special theme, or a silent auction to your fundraising event for the extra incentive that some may need.

Advertise the Location

With our prime Austin location, your fundraiser is sure to be a success. Our location is something that you can use to your advantage when getting the word out. Remind participants that the fundraiser will go on whether rain or shine (no need for a rain date here!). And let them know that even on the hottest of hot Texas days, we have our air conditioning on and pumping. Oh, and parking, that’s not a problem either!

Contact us today with any further questions that you have regarding hosting a fundraising night at Playland Skate Center. Our calendar is filling up, so contact us as soon as possible to book your fall fundraising date.

Back to School, So Learn Something New!

We are celebrating the back to school season at Playland Skate Center with the start of our fall hours and with our Labor Day Skate. We thought it would only be fair to remind everyone in this new season that we value learning new skills! For this reason, we are happy to offer FREE roller skating lessons on Sunday mornings.Skating lessons

Learning Paces

We realize that everyone learns at different paces. We do not expect new roller skaters, young or old, to lace up those roller skates and take off like a pro. Instead, we understand that some of our participants come to us with very beginning skills, some come with basics mastered and want to build upon that, and others come ready to sharpen their turns and form.

Lesson Details

Regardless of your learning goals with roller skating, we will be here at 11am on Sundays just for you! Purchase your admission for our 12-5pm Sunday afternoon session, and you are welcome to join us for a FREE skating lesson from 11am-11:45am. Plan on joining us at 10:50am so that you’re ready to hit the skating floor at 11am.

Don’t forget to check in on Facebook and share your pics of your new skills! Check us out on Twitter too!