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Summer Hours


We always say that when school’s out, we’re open! This is true for Spring Break, Winter Break, and a variety of special holidays throughout the school year. However, it is especially true over the summer months!Playland Summer Hours

Open Seven Days a Week!

Beginning on Friday, June 5, we’ll be open 7 days a week! We’re adding daytime skate sessions Monday through Friday. This special session is available from noon-6pm and is perfect for daycares, daycamps, groups, organizations, and playgroup outings. Overall, this is a great summer fun activity for kids in Austin, TX. Make sure you sign up for Kids Skate Free, and you can get two free roller skating passes a week!

Regular Sessions

Our daytime hours are in addition to our regularly scheduled sessions. Adult Skate Night for the 18+ crowd will still take place on Tuesdays from 7:30-10pm and our Friday Late Night skate is still in session from 7-11pm. Saturday sessions remain the same from 1-11pm and Sundays remain the same from 12-5pm.

Private Parties

With the summer heating up, our air conditioning will be blasting all summer long! This is a great opportunity for you to take advantage of booking your groups next outing for a private party! Visit our Private party page or contact us for more details!

Book Your Birthday Party and Save Time, Money, and Energy

We know that while birthday parties are a source of great joy and excitement for kids, they can be nothing but stressful for parents. Why make something that is supposed to be a fun experience stressful? We suggest that you skip the stress, and have your next birthday party in Austin at Playland Skate Center! We have three key ingredients that will help you avoid stress, and here they are:Austin Birthday Party

1. Save Time

Yes. We’ve all done it. We have run around like crazy the day before and the day of having company over and made sure that the floors are swept, mopped, vacuumed, the bathrooms, are clean and the kitchen is better than disastrous. And then, we host a party only to discover that after the party all of the cleaning has got to be done again! Yikes! When you host a birthday party at Playland Skate Center, you can forget about having to clean your house before your guests arrive!

2. Save Money

How much should you spend on a birthday party? This is a question that is heavily debated among parents. According to a range between $100-$200 is decent. Our birthday party packages start at just $115. We’ve met parents that tell us what a money saving adventure it is to have a birthday party at Playland instead of at home. After all, we provide the entertainment with roller skating and coordinated fun with the DJ!

3. Save Energy

It can be downright exhausting planning a party. This is especially true when you have to do all of the legwork including cleaning, shopping, and preparing for guests. By the time the party arrives, parents are often so zapped that they can’t enjoy the fun as well. At Playland Skate Center, we encourage you to lace up a pair of skates and have fun too!

With all of the perks to having a birthday party at Playland Skate Center, we need to share that our party packages are not just for birthdays! They work great for family get togethers, youth groups, and other groups or organizations looking for a great party opportunity! Contact us today for more details regarding our variety of party packages or visit our party page and book your party online!

Indoor Play!

Temps are heating up in Austin. As the days become unbearably hot, we want to encourage and remind you that our air conditioning will be on at Playland Skate Center. Not only does this make life great for roller skating, but it also makes it great for our indoor playground.indoor playground austin

Indoor Playground in Austin

While Playland Skate Center has been known for several decades as one of the best places to roller skate, it is now home to a soft play indoor playground. Our custom structure is not a bounce house, but offers just as much fun!

King of the Castle

With multiple levels for kids to climb and roam through, they’ll feel like they are the king or the queen of the castle in their make believe worlds. No skates are needed for the play structure, but please don’t forget to wear socks.

Hide and Seek

With a maze-like design, ramps, netting, and various obstacles, our indoor playground is perfect for a game of hide and seek. It may be hot outside this summer in Austin, but kids can still get that energy out with all of the climbing that they’ll do in the Playland Skate Center indoor playground.

Birthday Party Add-On

Add the playscape to your birthday party adventure at Playland Skate Center. For just $1.50 extra per party guest, they’ll enjoy unlimited use of the play structure as well as tons of roller skating fun!

Contact us today with any questions that you have, or book your next party online.

Memorial Day in Austin

With the end of the school year drawing near, many families anticipate the upcoming May holiday of Memorial Day. This day is celebrated on the last Monday of May each year. Families take the time so reflect and remember those whose lives were lost while serving our country. Whether you take in the day with a Memorial Day parade, a visit to a cemetery, or with a backyard barbecue in Austin, we wanted to let you know that we’ll be open that day too.Memorial Day

School’s Out, So We’re Open

We’ve got a tradition at Playland Skate Center. Most of the days that school is out in the Austin area, we are open. Memorial Day happens to be a day that Austin students have off of school. Not only do we want to provide a place for families to come together as they celebrate the memory of loved ones, but we also want students to have a safe and fun place to come on this day off from school. Join us for a day of roller skating from 12-6pm on Monday, May 25, 2015. Admission is just $8 per person and includes skate rental.

Our Austin, TX roller skating rink will be open and ready for you on Memorial Day 2015. We hope that you and your family and friends are able to enjoy us and enjoy the day. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for other event information.