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Caring for Your Roller Skates

Whether you enjoy for relaxation, exercise, or for the more competitive side, there is no doubt that lacing up those skates gives a certain exhilaration. Roller skating is also a great way to increase your physical activity and benefit your cardiovascular and muscular health. In order to keep roller skating, you need to make sure that you prioritize taking care of your skates. Here are three tips for keeping your roller skates problem free and enjoying those skates for years to come at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX:Pro Shop Skates

Skate Bearings

The bearings of your roller skates are made of metal. Like any other metal object, your bearings need to be kept free of rust and corrosion. The best way to do this is to keep your bearings clean and dry. After you have spent a lot of time skating carefully remove and inspect your bearings. Clean any grime or accumulated rust with rubbing alcohol. Do not use dish washing soap to clean your bearings; this leaves a film that makes it difficult for the bearings to function normally.

Smooth Ride

The wheel nuts keep the wheels of your skates in place. Skating on loose wheels can be hazardous because they take away from your ability to control your momentum and direction. Therefore it is important to adjust and tighten your wheel nuts every couple of weeks. Tighten your wheel nuts so that the wheels roll smoothly and not in a wild or restricted manner.

Stinky Skates

If you enjoy roller skating frequently, you may find that your skates begin to build up odor from your sweat. In order to manage the odor, you should pay particular attention to the insole of the boot. Roller skates can be aired out in sunlight just like ice skates; make certain that you leave the boot unlaced in order to let the sunlight and clean air carry the foul odor away. You can also clean the insole of your boot with a baking soda mixture.

Owning a pair of roller skates is an investment, and it is important to be aware of the condition of your roller skates. Performing routine maintenance is the key to ensuring that you will enjoy skating safely and a benefit with a return on your investment. Inquire in our Skate Pro Shop or visit our online Pro Shop for additional details and purchase options regarding your skates or future skates.

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Holiday Parties at Playland

We love Austin! Playland Skate Center has called Austin, TX home for over 40 years. Over the years we’ve noticed that Austin has become the home to many large corporations.  While we are just getting to Halloween, it is never to early to start thinking about what the holidays look like for corporate America. At Playland Skate Center, we strive to help businesses find that perfect work-life balance. As a result, we wanted to remind everyone that Playland Skate Center is the ideal location for your company holiday parties.Christmas Party

Roller Skating Playdate

You and your staff spend more than enough time in the office. Take a trip to Playland Skate Center to trade in that business setting for a fun-filled day. We’ve got plenty of space in our party area for your team to exchange holiday gifts. Fun is guaranteed because it’s nearly impossible to lace up skates and not have a fun time!

Family Day

Prove the commitment to work-life balance by providing a family day for employees at Playland Skate Center. Not only do we have skating for everyone to enjoy, but we’ve got a soft play indoor playground that the kids absolutely love. Additionally, the kids and parents alike will enjoy the video game arcade.

Call Playland Skate Center today at 512-452-1901 to book your private party, holiday party, or reserve your rink rental. Spaces are filling up fast!


Playing Around at Playland

At Playland Skate Center we are open for skating rain or shine, but did you know that we are also open for the little ones? Yes, we offer free skating lessons on Sundays, and we’ll teach anyone that can walk how to skate. But that’s not all that we have for little ones! We have an indoor playground!Softplay Play Structure

Our two story playscape is made especially for those that are 52” or shorter. You are welcome to sit on the benches nearby while the little ones play, or lace up your skates and take advantage of the opportunity to skate while the Playland staff monitor the soft play area.

The little ones will be entertained and well worn out after playing in the Playzone. With ladders to climb up and down, and walkways to get lost in their imagination on, we know they’ll be exhausted after working off all of that energy. Maybe they can take a break and regain some of their energy on the swing that is located within the play structure. After their break, they’ll probably be ready to get some more energy out by bouncing on the trampoline.

And we’ve probably seen it a thousand times, but it never gets old! We’ve got not one, but two slides in our softplay indoor playground, and this is perfect for siblings, cousins, and friends because they love to race down the slides and see who can get to the bottom first!

Bring the whole family out to Playland Skate Center in Austin during our sessions! You’ll have a blast racing around the rink, and the kids will have a blast racing down the slides. There is fun for everyone and plenty of room to party and celebrate any occasion!


It’s Time to Party!

You know you love to party, and you love to party in style! That’s why Playland Skate Center is the best place in Austin, Texas for a party! With our newly expanded party area, parties at Playland are even better than ever before!Party

Kid Birthday Parties

We offer several different birthday party packages that are perfect for kids! With packages accommodating anywhere from 9-22 guests including the birthday child and including clean up, our parties can’t be beat.

Teen Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for a fun and different way to celebrate your quinceanera or sweet sixteen, then consider a party at Playland Skate Center. Our add ons allow you to customize your party package to meet the needs of you and your closest friends.

Adult Birthday Parties

Yep, skating parties are great for kids, and for those young at heart! It doesn’t matter if you are turning twenty for the first time, or twenty-three for the 10th time, we’ll still help you celebrate! We’ve got the music, the lights, and the skate-shaped disco ball to make it a memorable event!

Other Parties

Playland is in the business of birthday parties, but we host a ton of other events as well! We’ve hosted reunions, corporate outings, fundraisers and more! Contact us for details regarding our private parties and rink rental.

Playland Skate Center is a great place to hold your next party! Use our convenient online booking to book your party today!

National Roller Skating Month at Playland

For many the month of October represents fall and all things Halloween. At Playland Skate Center in Austin, we recognize October as National Roller Skating Month! Join us as we celebrate one of America’s favorite pastimes with fitness, family fun, and fall fun!Roller Skating

National Roller Skating Month has been around since 1983. While times were different in the early 80’s, the purpose of National Roller Skating Month has not changed. This observation exists to help remind families the benefits of roller skating. It’s important to unplug long enough and get out there on the rink to have fun and keep fit. Observing National Roller Skating Month will help you remember how important quality time with friends and family is.

October is a great time to explore your purpose for roller skating. Playland offers free skating lessons for those just starting out. If you are looking to increase your speed, then check out what the speed team does at Playland. And if fitness is what you’re after, then join our SK8 4 Fitness group on Fridays. We’re convinced that at Playland we’ve got something for just about everyone. If there is something that we don’t offer, consider renting the rink for your own event!

We hope that you will join us during our favorite month of the year. Make sure you bring a friend out, bring your family out, or join us for one of our great October events! Take a look at our schedule to see what we’re up to.