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October Events

Welcome to the fall y’all! Maybe you’re thinking about pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hay rides with the start of October. We are thinking about skating this fall! Planning and preparations are already under way to ready ourselves for two October events, and to maintain our ongoing regularly scheduled events.

Columbus Day-October 13

Monday, October 13, is Columbus Day. The Austin Independent School District is holding a student holiday for staff development purposes. We know that a day at home with no school and no friends can be boring! We are helping solve that problem by hosting our Columbus Day skate! We’ll be open for public skating from 12pm-6pm!

Adult Night Halloween Party-October 28

HalloweenWe’ve got a dedicated group of skaters that join us every Tuesday night for our 18+ adult night in Austin. We are looking forward to Tuesday, October 28th to celebrate our Adult Night Halloween Party! Events begin at 8:30pm and there will be cash prizes for the ugliest, scariest, and funniest costumes!

Halloween-October 31

Please note that Playland Skate Center will be closing at 6pm on Friday, October 31. Enjoy the night and be safe!

Keep up with our ongoing events and what else is new at Playland Skate Center through our social media channels. Don’t forget to share your skating pics with us on Facebook and Twitter! We love the shares we see with how much fun you’re having at Playland Skate Center in Austin!


Playland Skate Center Voted Best of Austin 2014

Austin Chronicle readers voted and Playland Skate Center is happy to announce that we were voted as the Best Place to Skate in 2014 Outdoors and Recreation category! Among all of the categories including lodging, food, entertainment, and arts and culture, we are proud to be the Best Place to Skate! Thank you Austin Chronicle reader’s for picking us!Roller Skate Disco Ball

Over the years Playland Skate Center has been fortunate enough to make the Best of Austin list. We’ve added our most recent to the list and wanted to share our history:

2014 – Best Place to Skate

2013 – Best Place to Skate

2012 – Best Teen Hangout, Best Place to Skate

2011 – Best Teen Hangout, Best Place to Skate

2010 – Best Place to Skate

2009 – Best Place to Skate

2008 – Best Place to Skate

2007 – Best Place to Skate

2004 – Best Party Place

2003 – Best Skating Rink

2002 – Best Skating Rink

2001 – Best Locomotion Maker (Critics Choice)

2000 – Best Place to Relive Junior High (Critics Choice)

This year we are proud to announce that our very own Sonny Felter was voted as Austin’s Best Skate Coach! Sonny has contributed to the skill development of many speed and derby skaters over the years. He is the best of the best when it comes to skating. This has been proven time and time again for people that know him and work with him, but it has recently been recognized on a larger scale as he was named the U.S. Olympic Committee Roller Sports Developmental Coach of the Year for 2014 and as the Austin Chronicle’s Critics Picks list as  Best Skate Coach. Find out more about Sonny and what he’s done in skating at the Texas Speed Club.

At Playland Skate Center we are proud to have been voted as the Best Place to Skate in Austin. Come on out this weekend and check out our new wood floor-guaranteed to help make many happy skating memories over the years! Thanks again, Austin!


We’re Hiring!

Help Wanted




Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX is currently hiring! We are hiring for nights and weekends. Applicants must be customer friendly, hard working, and able to adapt to a fast paced job. Come in and fill out an application at Playland Skate Center!

You Spoke and We Listened!

We have a new wooden floor and a larger party area, and we have you to thank for it! Two of the most common things that we heard at Playland Skate Center were about our floor and our party space. When skaters provided helpful feedback it became apparent that it was time to update our skating floor and add some space to our birthday party and private party area. It is with great pride that we are able to share that we’ve checked these off of our to-do list at our Austin family entertainment center!


Our grand re-opening took place on Friday, Sept. 5th! Closing was difficult for us, and for our skaters, but we all made it through it. In the end, the final results of the Playland Skate Center new floor made it well worth the wait. After all, they say good things come to those who wait!

Party Area-Check!

Playland offers amazing birthday party packages, and private parties as well. We were a little tight on space in our party area. We figured that since we were doing a major overhaul on our floor, we might as well extend our party space as well.

Austin Chronicle

We wanted to share the news first here. Check out the Austin Chronicle Reader’s Poll for Austin’s Best Place to Skate and for the Critic’s Picks Best Skating Coach!

Thanks for being such great patrons and skating guests over the years! We look forward to more changes in the future as we continue to listen to the most important people in the world…the guests of Playland Skate Center in Austin!

From Goals to Go!

Welcome to September! For many September marks the start of the fall season. While some are enjoying getting out those fall decorations and seeing the last of the back to school items on sale, we want to know if you remember your New Year’s Resolutions. That’s right, it has been quite awhile, and we’re wondering if it’s been awhile since you’ve visited those thoughts and carried over the actions that went with them. Today, we are putting you in the hot spot if you made it a goal that you wanted to learn something new, or if you wanted to join a group for fitness accountability. Either way, we’ve got you covered here at Playland Skate Center in Austin!skate goals

Learn Something New

If new is what you want, then new is what we got! If you are brand new to the sport of skating, then check out our free (yes, FREE!) skating lessons on Sunday mornings. Our experienced instructors have worked with students of all ages. In the past we have seen students as young as those that have just learned to walk strap on a pair of roller skates and older students as well (we don’t know how old because it’s not polite to ask!). So, young or old, skilled or not-so-skilled, come on out to our free lessons and learn a thing or two! You’ll be able to enjoy this experience on our brand new floor!

Fitness Accountability

For some, getting fit and working out is something that they love to do. For others, it takes hard work, dedication, and maybe even a buddy to help get them going. It may even take a goal to work toward. At Playland Skate Center, we offer a fun SK8 4 Fitness class on Fridays! This is a great way for you Stay at Home Moms and Work at Home Moms to get out and get some exercise. Add a little pizzazz, or spin, to your workout with a workout on wheels!

Speed is the Goal

If you are looking for increasing your speed, and maybe your stamina too, then the Texas Speed Club is where it is at! Beginners are welcome to join us on Friday nights from 6-7pm. Find out more about our non-profit organization and speed skating here!

We can’t wait to help you reach your goals at Playland Skate Center. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our affiliated organizations.

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