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Change is Good!

Have you heard that the only constant thing in life is change? We have! In fact we’ve seen changes in skating styles (speed, artistic, jam, and hockey) over the years as well as changes in skates themselves (take a look at the vintage skates pictured!). We’re embracing change and installing our new skating floor this week and next. It’s been exciting to see the behind the scenes work, but we are more excited about showing you the finished product at our Wood Floor Premier!Antique Skates

WHAT: Wood Floor Premier
WHEN: Thursday, September 4, 2014
WHY: To celebrate the new floor!
WHO: Over 18 years of age
WHERE: Playland Skate Center
TIME: 7pm-10:30pm
COST: $8

Need To Know

If you are planning on joining us for our 18 and up Wood Floor Premier, please note that if you choose to bring your own skates they must have a toe plug or toe stop. After all, according to Southeastern Skate Supply, Inc. a new wooden floor comes only once every 25-50 years. We want to protect our investment the best we can. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Did You Know?

Did you know that there are three different styles of wood floors in roller rinks? This is just a fun fact to share with you as we are undergoing our installation this week. We can’t wait for you to come out and see if we have a straight or log cabin floor, a fan floor, or an arc floor. While we know what it is, we’ll let you read a little more about the differences involved and then find out for yourself in just a few short days!

Make sure you share with us here or on Facebook and Twitter for more behind the scenes pics of our new skating floor in Austin!


Playland Skate Center Re-Opened on Sept. 12

We wanted to take a moment to remind all of our skaters that we were temporarily closed. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we are so glad that the promise of incredible long term results is now real with our new floor. You see, we’ve heard that the only constant thing in life is change. Therefore, at Playland Skate Center embraced change and upgraded our concrete floor to a brand new wooden floorNew Floor Coming Soon

What did you do while Playland was closed?

Many of our skaters took advantage of our floor install and took care of business. They signed kids up to skate for free, bought new skates, and went skating outdoors.

1. Sign Up For Kids Skate Free

If you’ve watched the news lately, you know there is a lot of talk about diet and exercise. We are all about getting plenty of exercise and keeping an active and healthy lifestyle. This is especially true when it comes to children and young adults. For this reason, we are proud to be a member rink of Kids Skate Free. It is always a great time to sign your children up online for Kids Skate Free!

2. Do We Sell Skates?

This is one of our frequently asked questions. And yes, we do sell skates. We’ve got quite a variety at Playland Skate Center, and whether you can make it in or not to purchase brand new pair of skates have no fear! We have an even larger selection of skates and skate accessories available online at our online pro-shop. If you can’t come into the rink to shop, now is the perfect time to make a purchase online.

3. Take Your Skates Into the Outdoors

We know it’s summer and we know it’s Austin, but we still support that whole exercise thing even in the midst of the heat. Normally, we love the fact that we can provide a cool place for you to skate. However, when our rink was temporarily closed for our floor install, it was a good opportunity for skaters to take it to the great outdoors. Check out this previous blog for the three most important things you will need for skating outdoors.

The excitement our skaters are shared with us online regarding our new floor has been overwhelming. Keep those pics and updates coming on Facebook and Twitter!

Skate off the Weight

Roller skating has been around for quite some time. Another thing that has been around for quite some time is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. Experts will tell you that your weight is related directly to diet and exercise. The American Heart Association states that, “Adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to see the health benefits of physical activity such as lower blood pressure, improved bone health, weight maintenance after weight loss, better sleep, and more energy.”


We don’t know about you, but all of those benefits sound pretty amazing! For this reason, we offer SK8 4 Fitness on Fridays from 10:30am-12:00pm. Admission is $10, and you have to have a helmet in order to participate. We realize that this is a daytime skate, and if you are a work at home mom (WAHM) or a stay at home mom (SAHM) you might be wondering what to do with your little ones. Admission for children is $5 and for an additional $3 they can play on the indoor playscape.

What will we be doing during the SK8 4 Fitness session? Well, we will be getting our sweat on! So be ready to move, skate, sweat, and have fun! Bring a friend with you if you want! This will be one of the best hour and a half workouts you’ve ever had.

If you can’t make it out to our SK8 4 Fitness session on Fridays, don’t worry about it. We offer plenty of additional skating opportunities throughout the week at Playland Skate Center in Austin. Our other skate sessions do not require a helmet, but they are full of calorie burning fun too!

Contact us for additional details if you are interested in finding out more about how skating can help you maintain your health and help you skate away the weight.


Update and Upgrade

We’ve got big news to share! Playland Skate Center is getting a brand new wooden skate floor! Yes, you heard correct! This really is happening, and it is happening this month! We’ve been in business since 1973, and our rink has been the home to many happy memories over the years in Austin, including a proposal and engagement! We are excited to offer our skaters the ability to make memories on a wooden skate floor. According to Southeastern Skate Supply, the floor of a skating rink is the centerpiece, and a wood floor provides the best skating surface. For these many reasons, we will be closing temporarily at the end of August for this major floor upgrade to take place.

Important Dates

August 25th-Temporary Closure

Wooden Skating FloorPlayland Skate Center will be open as usual until August 25th. We will close temporarily in order to install our wooden skating floor. There is a lot of work to be done with this installation, and it simply is not possible to remain open for skating while the floor is being installed. We realize that this is a setback, but we know that you’ll be more than thrilled with our new and improved floor.

September 4th-Wood Floor Premiere

If you enjoy coming out for our Adults Only skate, then you are in luck. Our Wood Floor Premiere will take place for those over the age of 18 on Thursday, September 4th. Be among the first to try out our new skating floor on Thursday, September 4th from 7:00-10:30pm!

September 5th-Reopen to the Public

On Friday, September 5th, we will reopen at 3:00pm. We can’t wait to unveil our new skating surface and watch our skaters have a blast with this major facelift. Come on out and celebrate our new floor with us when we reopen.

Don’t forget that our normal summer hours are in effect until our closure on Monday, August 25th. We’ve got plenty of opportunities for you to join us during your favorite skating sessions until our temporarly closure. Our short term set back will result in a longterm amazing skating surface!


How’s Your Summer Rounding Out?

Did you get everything done that was on your summer bucket list? If not, it’s not too late to cross skating off the list. Playland Skate Center in Austin is here to help you! From 10 to 1 we’ve got a few of our favorite reasons (or excuses) to lace up our skates! Here they are:Top 10 Reasons to Visit Playland

10. Challenge Yourself

Looking for a challenge? Shoot the Duck, the Chicken Dance, and the Hokey Pokey never get old! Join us for skating games and see if you can be the next champion!

9. Date Night

You know roller skating makes a great date night and leaves a lasting impression. Just check out this sweet couple that met over 60 years ago while roller skating. What are you waiting for? Ask that special someone to join you at the rink this week!

8. Let’s Celebrate

There is always something to celebrate. You can celebrate graduation, losing a tooth, learning to ride a bike, or any other milestone that you deem necessary to celebrate! Playland Skate Center has got the lights and the music to help get you celebrate in Austin!

7. It’s Fun!

Playland Skate Center is full of fun! We can make it any more simple than that!

6. Learn a New Skill

Let’s be real, skating takes skill. That’s why we offer lessons. Find out more about our FREE roller skating lessons here.

5. Let’s Get Physical!

Did you know that about 18 laps around the rink = a mile? Use this handy dandy calculator to figure out how many calories you burn skating!

4. Social Life

Need a place to hang out with your friends in Austin, or just interested in getting out and meeting new people? Playland Skate Center is a great place to do both! Build your social life with fun at Playland Skate Center. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events.

3. Soft Play

That’s right, we’ve got a soft play center or indoor playground. For the little ones that don’t want to skate or that need a break from skating, this is the place to be!

2. Party

If you’re looking to put a little spin (pun intended) on your party style, book your next birthday party at Playland Skate Center! We can easily customize your birthday party to meet your needs, or you can book the rink for a private party!

1. Cool Air

It’s summer. It’s hot. Two obvious statements, but don’t let them get you down. We’ve got the air conditioning on at Playland Skate Center.

These are just a few of our fun excuses for why we love to skate at Playland Skate Center! What are your favorite excuses or reasons for skating? Make sure you share with us here or on Facebook and Twitter!