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Sk8 4 Fitness

Do you need to work off some of those extra pounds? Are you looking for a way to have fun and meet new people? Do you just want a place to work out that is more fun and less pressure than the gym? Playland Skate Center has the solution for you! We offer Sk8 4 Fitness classes every Friday!

Roller Skating FitnessFitness Facts

Roller skating is a great way to get fit, without causing undo stress to your joints. Roller skating has a high caloric burn and it is aerobically as good for you as jogging or cycling. Plus, you won’t be just working one isolated muscle group at a time, when you’re skating, you’re working your whole body! If you are an average 143 lb. person, skating at 10 mph can burn as much as 600 calories in a hour. Most people tend to skate in the 6 mph range which burns an average of 350 calories or more per hour.

The Sk8 4 Fitness Class

Playland Skate Center hosts the Sk8 4 Fitness class every Friday morning from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm. To come, you must have a helmet, but the $10 class fee includes skate rental, or you can of course bring your own. The class is about getting you skating, moving, sweating, and having fun! It is open for kids and adults ($5 admission for kids), and you can always bring your kids and let them play on the Playscape, our indoor playground, for only $3.00 more.

The Instructors

The instructors at Sk8 4 Fitness know what they are doing, and have plenty of time on the rink to give you tips on how to skate correctly and efficiently. They both are roller derby skaters, and one also does speed skating and is a personal trainer. Talk about a lifetime skater!

We want to see you at our Sk8 4 Fitness class this Friday morning. Join us at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX for a morning of burning off those calories and having a great time!

Roller Skate for Labor Day

boysfeaturedIt’s official: School is starting and we’re switching back to our regular summer hours. This means that we will no longer have our day skates, and we’ll be closed Monday, Wednesday and Thursday except for private parties. And one other reason we’ll be open on Monday – it’s Labor Day!

On Monday, September 2nd Playland Skate Center is joining in the fun on your day off from school and we will be open hosting a day skate from noon to six pm. What better way to ring in the new school year but with a four day week, the second week of classes?

Labor Day was first recognized in 1885 as a day to recognize the hard workers of the nation that have put in their hours of sweat and hard labor to build what we have today. It is celebrated on the first Monday of every September as the “workingmen’s holiday.” 

We hope to see you here skating with us on your first official school holiday! Also, check out our new summer hours that you need to keep in mind when making your plans to come see us at Playland Skate Center!

Monday: Closed for Private Parties

Tuesday: 3:00-6:00, Open to the Public, $6.00

7:00-10:30, Adult Night, $8.00

Wednesday & Thursday: Closed for Private Parties

Friday: 3:00-6:00, Open to the Public, $6

7:00-11:00, Open to the Public, $8

Saturday: 1:00-11:00, Open to the Public, $8

Sunday: 12:00-5:00, Open to the Public, $8.00

Do You Have a Need For Speed?

Playland Skate Center is your place for roller skating in Austin, TX. We offer skating for the most beginner skater, to advanced teams that compete and win at a national level. To help you learn, we have multiple options for lessons including our free skate lessons on Sunday mornings, private lessons with our instructor, and speed skating lessons on Fridays.

Speed SkatingEvery Friday night from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm we offer a beginner speed skating class. The class is free to first time students and all that we require you to bring is a helmet. If you do not have your own pair of speed skates, not to worry, our instructors provide a few pairs of speed skates that are available for you to try.

The speed skating classes are taught by the Texas Speed Club Coach, Sonny Felter. Sonny has been teaching at Playland Skate Center for many years and learned to skate when he was 12 years old! He was one of the first members of Austin’s first speed team, Capitol Speed Club and since then has competed in several areas including speed skating, roller hockey, and artistic skating. He holds two Division speed titles and two Relay speed titles.

The Texas Speed Club offers both inline and quad speed skating for the whole family. This great sport is one where not only can the kids compete and learn, but mom and dad can be there right beside them as part of the team – not just cheering from the sidelines.

We hope to see you here this Friday night for your very first speed skating class at 6:00 pm sharp! Just don’t forget your helmet! And, if you come and skate with us tonight and decide you love the sport, the classes are $7 each on going, or you can purchase a monthly unlimited pass for $50 that includes all of the speed skate practices plus anytime the rink is open to the public.

Playland Paraphanielia

How much do you love Playland? Do you love us enough to sport some of our great clothing and skating gear? We hope so and we’ve got everything you need to be a Playland skater from head to toe.

Playland T-Shirts

We currently have two different Playland Skate Center t-shirt designs available for purchase. They both feature the Playland logo so when you are out and about Austin, everyone will know which skating center holds your allegiance. T-shirts are only $15 each and we have a variety of sizes. Just come by the shop next time you’re here for a skating session and we will get you outfitted.

40th Birthday Skate Party

Happiness is Skating

We all know, ‘Happiness is Skating,’ so make sure everyone you know shares the same sentiment! We have brought back one of our “vintage” pieces with our ‘Happiness is Skating’ buttons. They come in two sizes, either 3″ or 1″. The 3″ button is available for $1, or the 1″ button is available for $0.25. These make great additions to your gear back, pin them to your skate laces, or wear them on your backpack to school.

Finish the Look

Finish out your Playland outfit when you stop by our pro shop and pick out a brand new pair of roller skates. We offer skates for everyone – recreation, speed skates, jam skates, inline skates, and more. We’ve got exactly what you need to do the type of skating you love. If you find the same skates that we carry at Playland for a cheaper price else where, we will BEAT or match any of our competitors prices! You are guaranteed to give the best price for the skates of your dreams.

We can’t wait to see you outfitted in a Playland Skate Center t-shirt, ‘Happiness is Skating’ button, and a brand new pair of skates. You are going to be the best looking skater in Texas!

Thanks For Helping Us Make 40 Unforgettable!

Our 40th Birthday Bash was last night and we had a BLAST! We had a great turn out here at Playland Skate Center and gave away six pairs of roller skates and lots of t-shirts to lucky winners. Hopefully, you will see them out and about in Austin, TX and someone may even invite you to come skate with them! These are some of the pictures we got during out great night of fun including the winners of the roller skates, some shots of the roller derby demo, and lots of photos of people just having a great time!