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Summer is Here! – So is the Summer Schedule

Finally! School is out and summer is in! That means that our schedule at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX is changing over to our summer hours!

Summer Schedule-page0001

Summer Hours at Playland

Starting on Monday, June 3rd we are switching over to our summer hours. We will be open for all of our regular sessions, plus our new daytime hours. This gives you way more time to come skate with us and perfect your skills!

Are you a daycare or camp that needs some activities to do with your kids over the summer? Our summer schedule is perfect for you. Open every day from noon until six, bring your campers for some cool summer fun. The great thing is, we have more than one activity so the kids won’t get bored. They can roll around the rink, climb the indoor playground, or try their hand at winning tickets in our arcade.

For all of our regulars, don’t worry, our normal skating sessions won’t go away. We will still have all of our normal sessions including Adult night for you to get some time away from the kids.

This summer we are also starting a Family Skate Night program on Thursday nights. Bring the whole family for an evening of affordable summer fun. Look for more information on all the fun we will be having there, in our next blog.

We can’t wait to see you at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX all summer long. Keeping cool while having fun!

Playland is a Skating Rink and a Music Video Studio

Playland Skate Center is going to be famous! Several weeks ago we were turned into a filming area for a music video by the Isaac Sisters of Austin, TX. Now we can put “music recording studio” on our list of offerings in addition to the skating rink, indoor playground, and arcade.

The Isaac Sisters

The Sisters, Asia, Aliyah, and Shakira Issac, just debuted their very first music video of their original song ‘Girls Night Out.’ The girls are only 13, 11, and 9 respectively, but they already know what they want to do as a career – sing! Their musical career started with their parents musical influces of Pop, R&B, Country and more when they began writing their own songs. They have appeared in numerous festivals around Texas including the Urban Music Festival, Chalk and Walk Festival, and Wildflower Art Festival. So far the girls have written 10 of their own songs and they are always looking for more opportunities to perform and become recognized entertainers.

‘Girls Night Out’

The Isaac Sisters approached us here at Playland and requested to film a segment of their very first video on at our rink. In the video, you see the girls pick up their skates from the rental counter and see some friends of theirs at the rink. They skate around and have a great ‘Girls Night Out’ together under the lights at Playland.

Playland Skate Center wishes the Isaac Sisters all the best in their future music career and if they every want to come back to film a sequel – we will be here!

Roller Skate for Memorial Day at Playland Skate Center

The end of school is creeping closer and closer, and our last holiday for the school year is in less than a week: Memorial Day! Don’t worry about being too hot or too bored for your first taste of summer break, because Playland Skate Center will be open from 12-6p for you and your friends to come roller skate in Austin, TX!

What is Memorial Day?American Flag Img

Most of you probably know Memorial Day as the marker that summer is just around the bend, but do you know the meaning or history behind Memorial Day? First organized in 1868 by General John Logan, Memorial Day was originally declared in remembrance of the soldiers who gave their lives in the Civil War. Flowers would be placed on the graves of both Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery to recognize the soldiers that gave their lives fighting for their country. A particularly interesting fact about Texas and the rest of the Confederacy is that we did not recognize Memorial Day with the northern states. Instead, the states that had once been part of the Confederacy chose to recognize their dead on separate days until after World War I and Memorial Day was changed to recognize all soldiers who had lost their lives at war. Now, Memorial Day, also called Decoration Day is a day of recognition for those who have died during service to the United States. Texas also recognizes January 19th as Confederate Heroes Day to commemorate our Civil War soldiers.

Looking for a Memorial Day activity in Austin, TX? Look no further! This Memorial Day, May 27th, Playland Skate Center will be open for all of you who will be out of school and off from work. Come enjoy your long, holiday weekend with us! We will be skating from 12-6p for only $6!! We hope to see you here!

Texas Road Rash Success!

The weekend of April 13 and 14 was full of beautiful weather, and competitive skaters! That was the weekend of the Texas Road Rash Inline Skate Marathon, held annually in central Texas.

The History of the Texas Road Rash

The annual inline roller skate marathon race started in 2004 by Round Rock’s Parks and Recreation Department and Hill Country Speed. In its first year, the race attracted 110 skaters and has since grown to over 200 participants. Each year the race continues to grow and the organizers continue to develop ways to attract more skaters of all levels.

What’s With the Name?

When the event was founded, the creators spent many hours trying to brainstorm the perfect name. If you are an experienced inline skater, you know all about road rash and how unpleasant it truly is. They decided to go with the name because it is captures the essence of inline marathon skating and they embrace that fact with their yearly “road rash photo.” At the end of each race, all of the skaters that have received the kiss of road rash gather and show off their wounds. The person with the worst rash wound wins a deluxe first aid kit!

Want to Race?

The road rash marathon invites skaters of all levels and experiences, but they do ask to make sure that you will at least be able to complete the course. You can choose to participate in the marathon, or half marathon race. The course is at a slight 7% downgrade, but if skaters are not able to complete their first lap around the course, they will be assisted off course for their safety and the safety of other skaters.

Are you interested in participating in the Road Rash? First, why don’t you perfect your skating skills during one of our roller skate lesson programs! We’d love to see you win the Road Rash Race and carry Playland Skate Center‘s name proudly across the finish line!