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Roller Skate Maintenance Keeps You Rolling

So you’ve taken the plunge and bought your first pair of skates from Playland Skate Center’s Pro Shop. That’s great! You can call yourself a true skater now! But, now that you’ve got your very own pair of roller skates, you need to know how to maintain them properly to keep you rolling along. Inline Roller Skate Img

  • The first step in  maintaining your roller skates is making sure they fit properly. The number one reason that roller skates break down is due to improper wear and incorrect fit.
  • If you have leather boots on your skates, you need to keep them nice and dry. Sweat breaks down leather so keeping your boots clean and dry will lengthen the life of your leather boots. You should also use leather conditioner on them to keep them from getting too dry and cracking.
  • Just like on a car, roller skate wheels require rotating. When wheels begin to wear, rotate their position on your skate so that they will wear evenly. When wheels have seen too many times around the rink, make sure you replace them.
  • Keep your bearings clean. If you hold your bearings between your fingers and give them a good spin, they should move in about 1 second. If your bearings do not move, it is time to either clean and add some lubricant to them or replace them.
  • Every time you skate, take a moment to inspect your roller skates. Make sure nothing is too worn or in disrepair so you can avoid an accident and potential injury.

Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX wants to see you having fun and enjoying  your roller skates! Come by our rink during any of our public skating sessions  for a fun day of skating around the largest roller skating rink in Austin!

Featured Friday – Canned Food Drive

cannedfood Feed the hungry and have fun skating all in one night at our Featured Friday Canned Food Drive! On March 29th at Playland Skate Center we are offering $2 off your regular skate admission of $8 when you bring in a canned food.

In 2010, a World Hunger survey determined that 19 million people in developed countries went hungry. To help put an end to hunger, we are collecting cans to donate to the local food bank. The cans you donate will go to support the local community and feed hungry families and children in need.

On Friday, March 29th from 7-11p all you need is one can of food to get $2 off your skate admission. Then, come join us rolling around the rink for a night full of fun and friends! We’ll be playing the latest and greatest music hits and we can’t wait to see you at the best roller skating rink in Austin, TX!

Roller Skate at 40 Miles-Per-Hour!

Well, we’d prefer you not to do it at our roller skating rink, but at one time it was possible to roller skate at 40 miles per hour! Don’t believe us? Read on for a little roller skating history brought to you by Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX.

The first recorded pair of agsoline-powered roller skates were invented by Antionio Pirrello in 1956. They had a 19-pound gasoline motor that you wore as a backpack. The gas connected to the right skate to push you while you held your left skate in front of you to steer. A cable connected to the motor had a hand held clutch, accelerator, and engine cut-off switch to regulate the speed – up to 40 miles-per-hour of speed! These skates were featured in Life magazine, Popular Mechanics, and even seen on the TV shows You Asked For It and The Today Show.

There have been more recent versions of gasoline powered skates like the 50 pairs that got seized by British officials because they could reach 20 mph in 20 seconds and the officials were concerned about the wearers safety and did not want them sold to the public or online. They tended to stop suddenly and pitch the wearer forward, leading to numerous accidents.

There was another gasoline powered skate invention marketed for their ability to get 120 miles per gallon. They could reach speeds of 30 miles per hour “so you could weave in and out of rush-hour traffic jams, getting to work or home faster than ever before.” Apparently, these never went mainstream, though we could never guess why.

Next time you are thinking about adding a motor to your roller skates for some added speed – don’t do all the work, its already been done! Though we wouldn’t suggest it as the safest way to travel. Instead, just come strap on a pair of quad or inline skates at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX and get some exercise skating around our roller skating rink!

Don’t Get Out of Line Over Spring Break, Try on Some Inlines at Playland!

March is here which means spring break is approaching quickly and the kids are antsy to get out of school for a little break, and a lot of fun! Playland Skate Center is going to have special hours during the week of spring break so the kids won’t get bored and out of line, you can bring them to Playland to try on some inline skates and go for a spin around the rink!

During the week of spring break – from March 11th through March 15th – we will be open during March2013the day in addition to our regular hours. Monday from 12-9p, Tuesday 12-6p, Wednedsday 12-9p, Thursday 12-9p Friday 12-6p and 7-11p. We decided to stay open to give you and your family some extra time at the rink to have some budget friendly fun together while all the kids are out of school.

Playland Skate Center is the largest skating rink in Austin, TX at 27,500 square feet. To add to the fun, we have a fog machine, light show, and state of the art sound system playing a wide variety of music to appeal to every member in your family. We have a multi-level playhouse for the younger children and an arcade to test your skill at skee ball and  beat your older brother in air hockey!

Mark your calendars now to bring the whole family and spend the day skating with us at Playland Skate Center – your favorite rollerskating rink in Austin, TX!