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The Perfect Gift

Vanilla Junior 2.0 skatesIt’s Thanksgiving week and while most people are getting prepped for all the family and food that comes with Turkey day, others are preparing for a different day. Black Friday. Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, the world gets a little bit crazy as moms and dads get up at the crack of dawn and push their way in and out of department stores in the hopes of snagging the perfect gift at a huge discount. Seriously, it’s nuts.

Now you can join the chaos of Black Friday shopping by entering the BATTLE ZONE {aka the mall} or you could save yourself the early morning wake up call and visit our Pro Shop instead! From the comfort of your own living room you can browse through some amazing items that your favorite skater will love. Speed skates, jam skates, rhythm skates, you name it. We’ve got it all.

Maybe you have a friend who has been wanting some new wheels a pair of skates they’ve had for a while. We’ve got that too.

No need to beat yourself up in the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping. Just hop on over and get all your shopping done with a few swift clicks!


Awards, Awards, Awards!

Great news for Playland fans!
Thanks to your dedication and LOVE of skating, Playland has received TWO reader poll awards from The Austin Chronicle.  Yes… TWO!

For those of you who don’t know, The Austin Chronicle hosts an annual Best of Austin campaign and presents awards to local businesses in various categories. We were thrilled to learn that Playland Skate Center was awarded both Best Place to Skate and Best Teen Hangout for 2012! The thing we love the most about these awards is that they were chosen by the readers which means the people of Austin picked us! Thank you all so much for your love and support! We couldn’t be more excited!

BUT, that’s not all! Along with our two fantastic Best of Austin awards, we were also informed that Playland is being considered and All-time winner with a total of 11 awards since the FIRST Best of Austin. Check out all the great honors we’ve got under our belt:

  • 2012: Best Place to Skate
  • 2012: Best Teen Hangout
  • 2011: Best Place to Skate
  • 2011: Best Teen Hangout (tie with Barton Springs Pool)
  • 2010: Best Place to Skate
  • 2009: Best Place to Skate (tie with Veloway)
  • 2008: Best Place to Skate
  • 2007: Best Place to Skate
  • 2004: Best Party Place (tie with Austin’s Park & Pizza)
  • 2003: Best Skating Rink
  • 2002: Best Skating Rink

Again, these awards and honors would not have been possible without YOU, our fantastic fans!

Special Holiday Hours

I don’t know about you but as soon as Halloween arrives it seems like the rest of the year flies by in a blur of turkey, tinsel, and twinkling lights. Lucky for you, Playland will be there to help you through the busy holiday season with special holiday hours!

So if you need a few minutes to yourself this Thanksgiving, while your overly perfumed grandmother and that strange uncle who spits when he talks dive into their annual political debate, head our way! We’ll be open Wednesday, November 21 and Friday, November 23rd from 12-6. We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day but open again Friday, November 23 from 12-6pm and  7-11pm. Gotta love special holiday hours!

We hope you’ll find some time during the hustle and bustle of the holidays to swing by and say hello!


Putting Your Best Wheel Forward

So you’ve graduated past the normal Playland rental skates and are looking for something a little more personalized. Your own pair of roller skates await you, designed to fit your fashion style and skating style. What, you didn’t know there were different skating styles? Take a seat folks, it’s time to get the run down on selecting the perfect roller skates to fit your personal skating style.

First thing is first when picking out the best roller skate to meet your needs. You have to decide what your skating needs are!

Maybe you are an artistic skater. Think figure skating but on wheels and a hardwood floor rather than blades and ice. If you’re looking to incorporate dance into your skating the wheels you will want to choose are going to be smaller in width and overall size so they can be easily maneuvered. Artistic skating wheels also tend to be harder than a standard wheel, allowing skaters to perform jumps, dance movements, and other freestyle skating moves with ease. But maybe you’re not into the danc-y flourishes of artistic skating. No problem.

How about basic indoor skating? Look for something comparable to what we have here at Playland. These “recreational” wheels are designed for hardwood surfaces and will vary in width depending on the speed you choose to travel. But what if you want to take your skating to the streets?

Outdoor skating requires a slightly different skate so accomodate a rougher terrain. Wheels are generally wider in order to make the skate more stable but they are also surprisingly softer to provide a smoother ride across rough surfaces. Now let’s say all those styles are great but you’re in the NEED for SPEED.

Speed skating wheels (indoor speed skating) are wider than standard indoor wheels. They are also on the harder side of the spectrum to allow skaters to reach higher speeds with less physical effort.

So, now that you know the different styles to choose from, get to it! If you’re still unsure about the right “fit’ for you, give us a call or swing by! Check out our proshop to see some of the options we offer and feel free to pick our brains about the best options for YOUR style! We’re your number one stop in Austin, Tx.

Photo from flickr: anat5000