1. Do non-skating adults need to pay?

    Non-skating adult parents are no charge unless you are attending an Adult Party

  2. Do children have to pay?

    Yes. Children 3yrs of age and younger are free to skate.

  3. How much are rental skates?

    Roller skates are included with the admission price. Roller Blades are an additional $4.00. Quad speed skates are an additional $5.00.

  4. Can we bring outside food/drinks?

    No. We do not allow any outside drinks, except reusable drink containers. You must have a party reservation in order to bring outside food, including a cake.

  5. Can you bring your own skates? And is there a discount?

    Yes, you may bring in your own skates, but the price is still the same.

  6. Do we provide protective gear?

    No. We have protective gear you may buy but nothing for rent. You are welcome to bring your own.

  7. Is there a difference in price for kids and adults?

    No, adults and kids are the same price.

  8. How long can we skate?

    Until we close. There is no limit. However, there are no in and out privileges.

  9. Do we sell skates?

    Yes, we have a large selection of skates, skate parts, and skate accessories. We also have on-line Pro Shop at Playlandskatecenter.com

  10. What ages are allowed to skate?

    We like to say “If you can walk you can skate” Everybody can skate anytime we are open to the public except for Adult Night. You must be 18 or older to attend Adult Night, every Tuesday from 7- 11pm.

  11. Are there waivers required for skaters?

    All skating adults must sign a Waiver of Liability. Kids are not required to sign.