You Spoke and We Listened!

We have a new wooden floor and a larger party area, and we have you to thank for it! Two of the most common things that we heard at Playland Skate Center were about our floor and our party space. When skaters provided helpful feedback it became apparent that it was time to update our skating floor and add some space to our birthday party and private party area. It is with great pride that we are able to share that we’ve checked these off of our to-do list at our Austin family entertainment center!


Our grand re-opening took place on Friday, Sept. 5th! Closing was difficult for us, and for our skaters, but we all made it through it. In the end, the final results of the Playland Skate Center new floor made it well worth the wait. After all, they say good things come to those who wait!

Party Area-Check!

Playland offers amazing birthday party packages, and private parties as well. We were a little tight on space in our party area. We figured that since we were doing a major overhaul on our floor, we might as well extend our party space as well.

Austin Chronicle

We wanted to share the news first here. Check out the Austin Chronicle Reader’s Poll for Austin’s Best Place to Skate and for the Critic’s Picks Best Skating Coach!

Thanks for being such great patrons and skating guests over the years! We look forward to more changes in the future as we continue to listen to the most important people in the world…the guests of Playland Skate Center in Austin!

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