With Skate Mates, Anyone Can Skate!

Have you ever been invited to go roller skating but turned down your friends because you didn’t know how to skate? At Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX, “I don’t know how” is no longer an excuse! We have a great option for beginners – young and old – to help you learn to skate with confidence!

Skate Mates for New Skatersskatemate

Skate Mates are made of plastic and have wheels on the bottom to push in front of you while you skate. They are shaped like a V with a 90 degree angle. You stand in the middle with one hand on each side and skate forward. The Skate Mates help you keep your balance while you are trying to learn the coordination of pushing your skates around the rink.

A Skate Mate for Many Sizes

Playland Skate Center has Skate Mates that come in 3 different sizes to fit most skaters. Our largest Skate Mate is recommended for skaters no taller than 5 feet.

Learn Confidently in our Beginners Area

Playland Skate Center is uuber friendly to new skaters. Not only do we offer you Skate Mates for a small fee, we have also divided off part of our rink that is dedicated to children and beginner skaters. This way, you don’t have to worry about being in anyone else’s way or any other skaters knocking you over while you get on your way to being a pro skater yourself! And we even offer roller skating lessons!

New skaters, young and old, come to Playland Skate Center to learn to roller skate with confidence in our beginners area with the help of a Skate Mate!

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