Welcome welcome welcome, one and all, to the new Playland Skating Center blog!

playland skate centerWe are so excited to launch this blog and we wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect here! Consider this your GO TO hot spot for staying in-the-know on upcoming events here at Playland, as well as follow ups on how much fun we had at our event! We reserve the right to brag all about the fun we have so you can expect photos, videos, and recaps from Featured Fridays, bouts by the Texas Rollergirls, and more!

Also, we’re going to be sharing fun stories, facts, and BLASTS FROM THE PAST that all revolve around skating. It’s what we do, it’s what we love, and it’s why YOU keep coming back! So why not learn more about skating throughout history and how it can actually improve the quality of your life?

Along with following us on Twitter and Facebook, we invite you to leave comments on our posts. Ask questions, give suggestions, share your own skating stories, and help reaffirm our belief that Playland is home to some of the greatest patrons around!

Did I mention we’re excited?

Happy skating!


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