Top 5 Skating Songs of 2014!

At Playland Skate Center we are all about good times and good music. It’s been awhile since we’ve visited the Top 5 Roller Skating Songs on our Austin, TX roller rink blog. Looking back to the summer of 2013, our list included these top 5 choices:Countdown

1. ‘C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train)’ by the Quad City DJs

2. ‘Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll’ by Vaughan Mason & Crew

3. ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ by Vanilla Ice

4. ‘Boogie Fever’ by the Sylvers

5. The ‘Hokey Pokey’

Fast forward a year and a half, and we are only a matter of days before the end of 2014. We figure that while many focus their efforts on the countdown in Times Square, we will focus our efforts on a countdown of another sort. We want to ask our skaters for their input on what they think the Top 5 Roller Skating Songs should be. Maybe you think some of the classics should stay on the list, or maybe you think it is time to wipe out the old and bring in the new. Share with us your favorite skate songs that you want to hear most at Playland Skate Center. Be sure to share with us not only the song, but a reason why it should be one of the top 5 that we play!

Whether you come to Playland Skate Center for Adult Night on Tuesdays, SK84Fitness on Fridays, or for our lessons on Sundays, we want to hear from you! It’s easy and simple, just fill out the form below! We plan on sharing our results with you before the new year!

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