Tired of Over Fundraising?

At Playland Skate Center, we love to partner with schools and other organizations within our community through fundraisers. While we’ve provided tips for successful fundraising in the past, it is a timely topic to visit again with spring fundraisers starting to pick up. We recently read a few fundraising tips from SignUpGenius.com and thought we would share a few that we’ve seen in action.

Don’t Over Fundraise

fun times

Make Fundraising Fun!

This rule of thumb is one that many parents are grateful for! We’ve all had that neice, nephew, cousin, or co-worker’s child that seems to be constantly fundraising for something. At Playland Skate Center in Austin, we’re happy to provide a fun fundraiser that promotes, fitness, fun, and provides an easy way to raise money. This beats selling wrapping paper any day!

Mix Large and Small Events

One fun way to do this at Playland is through a silent auction. Many schools ask for donations of goods or services that can be left out during the fundraising night in the form of a silent auction. This is a great way to combine a large fun night at Playland with a smaller silent auction. A fun spin on this is to ask classroom parents to create themed baskets for a silent auction throughout the night.

Call Playland Skate Center today with any questions that you mat have about your fundraising needs, or to book your next fundraiser!


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