The Right Wheels for the Job

Bones Super Elite Jame Skate WheelsWhat kind of skater are you? A recreational skater? Do you love to speed skate? Are you more interested in jamming with the music as an artistic skater? If you love to jam and dance, this blog is for you. Playland Skate Center often gets questions in our Austin, TX Pro Skate Shop about which type of wheels are best for the skater that is doing artistic moves. Today, we discuss the variables that you need to consider when choosing which type of wheels to use on your roller skates. 

If you are an experienced jam skater, then your world of possibilities is almost endless. You can choose for a wheel diameter anywhere between 55mm to 62mm and mix it with whichever hardness you prefer to skate on from a 96a to a 103a. If you are experienced, you probably know which type of wheels you like to skate on the most, and which type correlate best with your skate surface – whether that is wooden, plastic, or a composite.

For those jam skaters out there that are just getting started, our suggestion is to choose a smaller wheel, somewhere in the range of 55mm to 57 mm. Also, choose a softer wheel for your skates. The softer the wheel, the more grip you will get on the skate surface, which will help you when you are pushing your balance and trying to learn new moves. Softer wheels are in the range of a 96a to 103a.

These are just some tips from Playland Skate Center to all of those jam skaters and artistic skaters out there, but our best advice to you is to pick a wheel that you enjoy skating on, gives you the grip you need, and allows you do to the moves you want to do. We hope that you come by our Pro Skate Shop soon to shop for your next set of wheels, bearings, laces, or boots and don’t forget – we will beat or match any competitors price! 

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