Texas Road Rash Success!

The weekend of April 13 and 14 was full of beautiful weather, and competitive skaters! That was the weekend of the Texas Road Rash Inline Skate Marathon, held annually in central Texas.

The History of the Texas Road Rash

The annual inline roller skate marathon race started in 2004 by Round Rock’s Parks and Recreation Department and Hill Country Speed. In its first year, the race attracted 110 skaters and has since grown to over 200 participants. Each year the race continues to grow and the organizers continue to develop ways to attract more skaters of all levels.

What’s With the Name?

When the event was founded, the creators spent many hours trying to brainstorm the perfect name. If you are an experienced inline skater, you know all about road rash and how unpleasant it truly is. They decided to go with the name because it is captures the essence of inline marathon skating and they embrace that fact with their yearly “road rash photo.” At the end of each race, all of the skaters that have received the kiss of road rash gather and show off their wounds. The person with the worst rash wound wins a deluxe first aid kit!

Want to Race?

The road rash marathon invites skaters of all levels and experiences, but they do ask to make sure that you will at least be able to complete the course. You can choose to participate in the marathon, or half marathon race. The course is at a slight 7% downgrade, but if skaters are not able to complete their first lap around the course, they will be assisted off course for their safety and the safety of other skaters.

Are you interested in participating in the Road Rash? First, why don’t you perfect your skating skills during one of our roller skate lesson programs! We’d love to see you win the Road Rash Race and carry Playland Skate Center‘s name proudly across the finish line!

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