Take Your Sweetie Skating for Valentines Day

Valentines DayWhat makes for a great Valentines Day date? Something fun, unique, memorable, and affordable! So, what fits all of these requirements? Roller skating at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX!

Are both you and your sweetheart roller skating newbies? Rent a pair of our skate mates to help you gain your bearings around the rink. Do you know how to skate and your girlfriend doesn’t? This is a great excuse to hold her hands while you help her figure out how to keep her feet underneath her. If your boyfriend is the one that doesn’t know how to skate, don’t make him feel too bad by showing him up!

When y’all get tired of skating, challenge each other to a game of laser tag. Each of you get on opposing teams and make the deal that loser buys dinner – gentlemen, make sure that you let her team win!

We’ll see you and your sweetheart here at Playland Skate Center for Valentines Day!

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