Take Your Skates Into the Outdoors!

Rainbow Socks and Roller SkatesWith beautiful weather like we’ve been having here in Austin, TX, we totally understand that you don’t want to be indoors any more than you have to. That’s why we are encouraging our skaters to take their roller skates and roller blades and skate outdoors! Are you not sure if you have the right equipment for the job? Playland Skate Center has outlined the top 3 most important things that you need to have if you are planning on skating outdoors. 

1. Safety Gear

Skating outdoors has just as high, if not higher of a risk of falling – and the cement is a lot harder to fall on. Remember this when you are getting to head out for a skate. Snap on your helmet and strap on all of the appropriate pads: knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. Even the tiniest pebble or little bit of loose gravel could send your heels over your head.

2. Wheels

Wheels come in so many shapes and sizes there is no way we could list them all for you, but when you are looking for a good outdoor wheel keep these two things in mind: durometer and dimensions. The durometer of a wheel essentially measures how hard/soft the wheel is. This is also called the “A” rating. Softer wheels will be able to better handle the rough surfaces you encounter when skating outdoors. The lower the A rating on the wheel, the softer it is. Especially if you are a skater that is new to the outdoors on wheels, you want wheels that are both tall and wide. These will give you the smoothest, most stable ride.

3. Bearings

Your bearings are going to get a beating when you take them outdoors. Subjecting them to dirt and moisture will cause them to wear quickly and therefore reduce the quality of your ride. If you only have one set of bearings, make sure you clean them before putting them back in your indoor wheels. Instead, we suggest having a set of bearings that are simply dedicated to outdoor skating.

Do you have more questions about outdoor skating equipment, or are you ready to purchase a pair of wheels and bearings to skate on this weekend? Come by our pro shop today! We can help you find exactly what you are looking for and we guarantee that we will beat ANY competitors price!

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