Stay Active, Stay Healthy

Daylight savings time is sadly ending this Sunday morning, at 2:00 am to be exact. While we will all get an extra hour of sleep, that is one of the few benefits of the seasonal time adjustment. As the days get substantially shorter, getting out and staying active becomes  more difficult. Playland Skate Center has 3 tips for staying active with your kids and family, no matter what day of the year it is.

Rental Roller Skates1. Take Classes Together

There are many fitness clubs and community centers around Austin, Texas that offer family oriented fitness classes. Signing everyone up with keep you accountable and it will become a part of family time that you look forward to.

2. Make Chores More Fun

All families have chores to do. Rather than making chores a task that everyone dreads having to do by themselves, pair up! Turn on some music and dance while you fold laundry, race to see how fast you can get the house cleaned, or jog together while you walk the dog.

3. Find Something Everyone Enjoys

When daylight savings time changes, many outdoor sports and evening activities just aren’t possible because there is no sunlight to play by. Instead, bring the whole family to do something that offers fun and activity for everyone – come roller skating! Playland Skate Center is the perfect Fall and Winter activity for your family. Everyone has something to do whether skating, playing on the indoor playground, or trying to win at one of the arcade games, here you can stay active.

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