Speeding On To Greatness

Texas Speed ClubApolo Ohno is an eight-time Olympic medalist on the short track speed skating team. Did you know that he started his career on┬áspeed skates? Playland Skate Center offers weekly speed skating classes and practice to those of you that have Olympic dreams – or even just a dream to have fun and get fit!

What is Speed Skating?

Speed skating is the sport of racing on either roller skates or ice skates around a 100 meter track. It’s a pack-style sport – you’ve got to maintain a low body position and learn how to maneuver your way in and out of the pack to beat the rest of the skaters across the finish line. While roller speed skating is not an Olympic sport, it’s where many of the Olympic ice speed skaters got their start.

Learning to Speed Skate

Learning to speed skate takes time, determination, and dedication. Experienced skaters make their powerful maneuvers look effortless, but those moves have come from hours and hours of practice. We welcome all levels of speed skaters to our classes! The coach of the Texas Speed Club, Ed “Sonny” Felter, will teach you speed skating drills, techniques, and put you through endurance training so that you can condition your back and leg muscles to improve your endurance and speed.

Speed Skating for Beginners

Our beginner speed skating class is every Friday night from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. It is free to first time students, we only request that you bring a helmet. We will even provide you with a pair of inline skates to try out!

The Texas Speed Club

Playland Skate Center is proud to host the Texas Speed Club at our Austin, TX skating rink. They offer both inline and quad speed skating for your entire family! They are a non-profit organization devoted to promoting the sport of quad and inline speed skating. They train to participate in short track indoor speed skating competitions sanctioned by USA/RS and NIRA throughout the year.

We’d love to see you come out and try on a pair of speed skates at Playland this Friday night!

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