Skating With Bunnies

It’s finally April! That means lots of things around here in Austin, TX: Spring is officially here, the weather should be turning nice, and Eater and Good Friday are almost here which means another break from school! Playland Skate Center is happy to announce that will be open over Easter weekend while you are out of school.

Easter EggsEaster Roller Skate Schedule

If the schools are closed for break, you can count on Playland Skate Center being open. While your parents are busy entertaining your grandparents, preparing dinner, or stuffing Easter eggs for your little siblings, head on over to Playland Skate Center. We will be open on Good Friday from 12 pm to 6pm in addition to our regularly scheduled skating sessions, sk8  fit from 10:30 am to 12 and our evening session from 7 pm to 11.

If you want to spend more time with your family, now is a great time to invite everyone to Playland to skate together. Visiting a family fun center such as Playland Skate Center gives everyone a break from the usual rush of busy schedules, and makes time for you to enjoy each other’s company, and maybe even learn something new together if you have never roller skated before.

We will be closed on Easter Sunday to give our wonderful team of employees a chance to spend time with their family over the holiday.

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