Skate Like George Washington

Well – we don’t actually know if George Washington was a roller skater, but you can dress up like him with a wig and a top hat and we will be sure to take your picture on President’s Day! Schools may be closed but we are most certainly going to be open from 12-6pm. And just so you know why you’re going to be off from school here’s a little info about President’s Day:

President’s Day was established by the 90th Congress in 1968 when they decided to make a standard calendar ofPresident's Day federal Monday holidays. The law was put into action in 1971 and moved three existing holidays to Mondays and establish President’s Day as a day to celebrate all of the Presidents that have made lasting impacts on America. Originally, people were trying to celebrate George Washington’s birthday on February 11th and Abraham Lincoln’s on February 12th so rather than celebrating each President’s birthday individually, President’s Day came into being to celebrate everyone on the same day.

Today, President’s Day goes somewhat unnoticed by most except for the excitement of having a nice 3 day weekend but some communities and parks celebrate the holiday with stage reenactments and pageants to honor those that have helped our great nation progress!

Mark your calendars now and come spend a great day of fun – skating like George Washington would skate on his birthday – with us on Presidents Day!

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