Sk8 4 Fitness

Do you need to work off some of those extra pounds? Are you looking for a way to have fun and meet new people? Do you just want a place to work out that is more fun and less pressure than the gym? Playland Skate Center has the solution for you! We offer Sk8 4 Fitness classes every Friday!

Roller Skating FitnessFitness Facts

Roller skating is a great way to get fit, without causing undo stress to your joints. Roller skating has a high caloric burn and it is aerobically as good for you as jogging or cycling. Plus, you won’t be just working one isolated muscle group at a time, when you’re skating, you’re working your whole body! If you are an average 143 lb. person, skating at 10 mph can burn as much as 600 calories in a hour. Most people tend to skate in the 6 mph range which burns an average of 350 calories or more per hour.

The Sk8 4 Fitness Class

Playland Skate Center hosts the Sk8 4 Fitness class every Friday morning from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm. To come, you must have a helmet, but the $10 class fee includes skate rental, or you can of course bring your own. The class is about getting you skating, moving, sweating, and having fun! It is open for kids and adults ($5 admission for kids), and you can always bring your kids and let them play on the Playscape, our indoor playground, for only $3.00 more.

The Instructors

The instructors at Sk8 4 Fitness know what they are doing, and have plenty of time on the rink to give you tips on how to skate correctly and efficiently. They both are roller derby skaters, and one also does speed skating and is a personal trainer. Talk about a lifetime skater!

We want to see you at our Sk8 4 Fitness class this Friday morning. Join us at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX for a morning of burning off those calories and having a great time!

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