School Skate Nights Equal Successful Fundraisers

Research shows that teachers spend an average of $500 of their own money buying classroom supplies. Keep in mind that this is an average that was compiled from data collected, and in some cases teachers spend much more and much less. Regardless, it remains that many teachers, schools, and classrooms find creative ways to supplement their budgets as they attempt to provide materials. Austin, TX fundraiser

Our family owned roller skating rink has been a fixture in the community for 40 years and at Playland Skate Center, we’re proud to help support learning opportunities and fill this financial shortfall for students and teachers throughout the Austin community. With fundraising opportunities, and through providing free skating passes for students, we’re happy to give back to the community.

Austin FundraisingRecently, we were able to celebrate two successful fundraising initiatives with local elementary schools in Austin. One was a combination back to school celebration and fundraiser. Regardless of how these fundraising initiatives are coordinated, one thing is for sure, when we see kids and families out on the roller skating rink having fun and getting exercise, it makes our day!

As if that’s not enough, giving back with a large check makes our fundraiser events even better! We are able to write out a super sized check to our partners after their events, and in turn they get to decide where those funds go!

When Gullet Elementary celebrated with a back to school night fundraiser and celebration, we were able to present them with a check in the amount of $1,119! The success they saw in this fundraiser was as a result of the over 300 people that showed up for their event!

We were also able to partner with Austin Discovery School in a recent fundraiser. This initiative allowed us to present them with a check for $829.20.

If you, your classroom, school, group, organization, or club are searching for a creative and fun way to raise necessary funds, consider the success of these recent fall fundraisers. We’re more than happy to partner with community groups in the greater Austin area in order to help make a difference. Contact us today for more details regarding hosting a fundraiser at Playland Skate Center in Austin.


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