Roller Skating Across the Generations!

Roller skating is an activity that has been around for generations and it’s an activity that people of all ages can partake in and enjoy. Grandparents who remember lacing up to roller skate during their youth and cruising around rinks and streets can relive those fun times and regain their energy while skating with children and grandchildren. Benefits of roller skating are both emotional and physical as you share quality time with your family while participating in a fun form of low-impact exercise.Generations of Skating

Working out without even knowing it

As you sail across the floor with your children and grandchildren at roller skating rinks, you’re getting an amazing workout. Happily, roller skating is so much fun, that you won’t even realize it’s exercise. Amid loops, turns, spins, and backward skating, you’re burning calories, improving cardiovascular health and strengthening the bond with your family. In a society where everyone seems glued to his or her smart phone and tablet screens, participating in this family-friendly physical activity has the ability to snap everyone out of their technology addiction.

Health benefits of roller skating

Along with strengthening family bonds and escaping technology comas, lacing up to roller skate has additional health benefits including:

  • Low-impact – Unlike other forms of exercise such as running that strain and damage knees and joints, roller skating is low-impact and joint-friendly. The fluid movements as you roller skate mimic those of dancing or running, but are thankfully free of impacts that can damage joints.
  • Whole-body workout – The strength and balance required for roller skating works your arms, legs, core, and cardiovascular system. Your legs and glute muscles receive the most benefits from skating, as does your core as you push through movements and maintain balance. Strong legs, improved coordination, and balance are beneficial for all ages.
    Burn calories – Enjoy roller skating with your children and grandchildren and burn as many calories as other aerobic workouts. What makes skating better than traditional aerobic exercises is that you’re doing it with family while listening to great, upbeat music, making memories, and having fun.

Exercise for all skill levels

Even novices who roller skate slowly around the rink are receiving health benefits. The mere act of standing up on four wheels takes strength, balance, and coordination. Grandparents can teach younger children and vice versa and soon everyone is lost in the fun of the activity while enjoying quality time with family.

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