Roller Skates Make Great Gifts

Are you trying to figure out a great gift for the active person in your life? Do you want to give your child a gift that they will actually use, not just end up in the back of a closet again? Playland Skate Center has the perfect idea for all of the kids on your Christmas list – a BRAND NEW pair of Sure Grip roller skates! 

Sure Grip Skate SaleSure Grip Roller Skates on Sale

Right now Playland Skate Center is offering a great sale on roller skates to help you and Santa cross all of the kids on the “nice” column off of your gift list. Right now, you can buy a brand new pair of Sure Grip roller skates, and get their entire cost back on a Playland Skate Center gift card. That means that you’ll not only be giving the right equipment, but you’ll be giving your new roller skater the gift of access to their favorite roller skating rink and family fun center in Austin, TX.

Come on over to Playland Skate Center today and pick out your pair of Sure Grip roller skates. Get them while they are here, and before Santa scoops them all up for his toy sack! This is a great deal that you don’t want to miss this Christmas! While you’re in the pro shop, go ahead and pick out a cool set of extra wheels, bearings, and tye dyed laces so that your skater can make their new skates stand out from the rest!

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