Roller Skate Maintenance Keeps You Rolling

So you’ve taken the plunge and bought your first pair of skates from Playland Skate Center’s Pro Shop. That’s great! You can call yourself a true skater now! But, now that you’ve got your very own pair of roller skates, you need to know how to maintain them properly to keep you rolling along. Inline Roller Skate Img

  • The first step in  maintaining your roller skates is making sure they fit properly. The number one reason that roller skates break down is due to improper wear and incorrect fit.
  • If you have leather boots on your skates, you need to keep them nice and dry. Sweat breaks down leather so keeping your boots clean and dry will lengthen the life of your leather boots. You should also use leather conditioner on them to keep them from getting too dry and cracking.
  • Just like on a car, roller skate wheels require rotating. When wheels begin to wear, rotate their position on your skate so that they will wear evenly. When wheels have seen too many times around the rink, make sure you replace them.
  • Keep your bearings clean. If you hold your bearings between your fingers and give them a good spin, they should move in about 1 second. If your bearings do not move, it is time to either clean and add some lubricant to them or replace them.
  • Every time you skate, take a moment to inspect your roller skates. Make sure nothing is too worn or in disrepair so you can avoid an accident and potential injury.

Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX wants to see you having fun and enjoying  your roller skates! Come by our rink during any of our public skating sessions  for a fun day of skating around the largest roller skating rink in Austin!

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