Quads or Inlines? That is the Question?

What type of roller skates do you skate with? When choosing roller skates, you have two options: classic quads or the skates with two pair of wheels. Or skates with one row of wheels in the middle, commonly known as rollerblades or inline skates. Both types of skate are popular at Playland Skate Center in Austin.roller skates

Many of the basics of skating are exactly the same with quads and inline roller skates. Stepping forward and rolling the foot back, regardless of where the wheels are placed is the same basic motion that skaters use in order to skate on either style.

The most obvious difference between the skates is felt through braking. Stopping with quads is done with the toe, but with inline skates, stopping is done at the heel. For some beginners, stopping with the heel can be difficult. 

Let’s break it down a little more:

Quad roller skates:

  • Meant for in-door skating
  • Slower
  • Not typically supportive for the ankles
  • More stable

Inline skates:

  • Optimal for skating outside
  • Made of hard plastic that encases the ankles, offering excellent support
  • Wobbly and require learning some balance
  • Meant for exercise and speed

There is something about quad roller skates that provides a bit of a nostalgic feel for many people. Inline skates on the other hand are a little faster and made for speed.

The process of learning to skate or choosing the right skates for your skating style are both full of endless possibilities. We hope these tips will help you enjoy skating to its fullest potential. For more information stop by our Skate Shop next time you are in to do a little shopping and ask us any questions that you may have.

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