Playland Party FAQs

balloonsAlong with being Austin’s largest, most entertaining skating facility around, we are also happy to provide¬†skating¬†parties filled with good old fashioned family friendly fun! We’ve had some great parties here lately, and even more inquiries about scheduling, so we thought we’d take the time (er, blog space) to go over some of the questions we hear most when trying to plan a party at Playland.

First thing’s first, what is included with a party reservation?
When you all to make your reservation you will insure a table(s) for your guests for two hours, the ability to bring food into the rink, quad rollerskate rentals for your guests, pitchers of drinks, and a birthday (or other special event) announcement. While we provide the drinks you are able to bring in pizza, cupcakes, ice cream, and other snacks, as well as the paper products needed for your party. Since we don’t reserve rooms, tables only, most guests bring party-themed paper products, balloons, and centerpieces to serve as table decorations. *Please no confetti!* Table reservations are made based on the number of skating guests you have.

Next question on the list, do I need to make a deposit and what if something comes up where I’m forced to cancel?
YES, we ask that you make a deposit upon reserving your party slot. Deposits can be made in person by coming to the rink or we do accept credit card numbers over the phone. Since we have so many party inquiries, cancellations or schedule changes can be make 7 days before your original party date for a refund.

And the final FAQ, what do I do on the day of my party?
It’s party time! Be sure you check in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled party time. Payment and guest list will be given during check in and our staff will take you to your reserved table(s). Your guest list should include the names of everyone you invited, whether they RSVP’d or not. We understand that some guests may show up last minute, so to insure no one is left out please let us know if we can add names of unexpected guests. We will check your guests in as they arrive and. You will be charged for every kid that arrives, whether they skate or not. Guests’ parents are welcome to attent admission free so long as they are non-skating. If parents decide to skate along with the kids they will be counted as an additional guest charge.

Check out a more detailed list of party FAQs


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