Playland Paraphanielia

How much do you love Playland? Do you love us enough to sport some of our great clothing and skating gear? We hope so and we’ve got everything you need to be a Playland skater from head to toe.

Playland T-Shirts

We currently have two different Playland Skate Center t-shirt designs available for purchase. They both feature the Playland logo so when you are out and about Austin, everyone will know which skating center holds your allegiance. T-shirts are only $15 each and we have a variety of sizes. Just come by the shop next time you’re here for a skating session and we will get you outfitted.

40th Birthday Skate Party

Happiness is Skating

We all know, ‘Happiness is Skating,’ so make sure everyone you know shares the same sentiment! We have brought back one of our “vintage” pieces with our ‘Happiness is Skating’ buttons. They come in two sizes, either 3″ or 1″. The 3″ button is available for $1, or the 1″ button is available for $0.25. These make great additions to your gear back, pin them to your skate laces, or wear them on your backpack to school.

Finish the Look

Finish out your Playland outfit when you stop by our pro shop and pick out a brand new pair of roller skates. We offer skates for everyone – recreation, speed skates, jam skates, inline skates, and more. We’ve got exactly what you need to do the type of skating you love. If you find the same skates that we carry at Playland for a cheaper price else where, we will BEAT or match any of our competitors prices! You are guaranteed to give the best price for the skates of your dreams.

We can’t wait to see you outfitted in a Playland Skate Center t-shirt, ‘Happiness is Skating’ button, and a brand new pair of skates. You are going to be the best looking skater in Texas!

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