Playland is a Skating Rink and a Music Video Studio

Playland Skate Center is going to be famous! Several weeks ago we were turned into a filming area for a music video by the Isaac Sisters of Austin, TX. Now we can put “music recording studio” on our list of offerings in addition to the skating rink, indoor playground, and arcade.

The Isaac Sisters

The Sisters, Asia, Aliyah, and Shakira Issac, just debuted their very first music video of their original song ‘Girls Night Out.’ The girls are only 13, 11, and 9 respectively, but they already know what they want to do as a career – sing! Their musical career started with their parents musical influces of Pop, R&B, Country and more when they began writing their own songs. They have appeared in numerous festivals around Texas including the Urban Music Festival, Chalk and Walk Festival, and Wildflower Art Festival. So far the girls have written 10 of their own songs and they are always looking for more opportunities to perform and become recognized entertainers.

‘Girls Night Out’

The Isaac Sisters approached us here at Playland and requested to film a segment of their very first video on at our rink. In the video, you see the girls pick up their skates from the rental counter and see some friends of theirs at the rink. They skate around and have a great ‘Girls Night Out’ together under the lights at Playland.

Playland Skate Center wishes the Isaac Sisters all the best in their future music career and if they every want to come back to film a sequel – we will be here!

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