Party Favors That’ll Make Your Party Unforgettable

party favors Roller skating parties are a great way to celebrate anyone’s birthday, but especially a child’s birthday. Did you know that roller skating has been named a top aerobic exercise by the American Heart Association? That’s right, roller skating is even said to be better on your body than running by putting less pressure on your knees and joints. This is why we encourage parents to book roller skating parties. At Playland Skate Center, everyday is someone’s birthday but we like to make birthdays special, so we decided to put together a list of awesome party favors that are perfect for a roller skating party. Take a look.

Roller Skate Bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles?!

roller skate bubbles


Flashing Roller Skate Necklaces

Your friends will love rollin’ with a glow in the dark necklace shaped in a roller skate during the party, trust us.

flashing roller skates

(Image: Pinterest)


You can never go wrong with candy and chocolate, right? Especially when it’s shaped like a roller skate!



Roller Skate buttons

Parents, don’t you remember collection buttons and decorating your backpack with them? Buttons are a great way to make good use of a party favor.

roller skating buttons

(Image: Etsy)

Roller Skate Temporary Tattoos

Kids love temporary tattoos and these even incorporate roller skating!

temporary tattoos

(Image: Zazzle)

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