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Remember the fun you had as a kid at the roller skating rink? The music, snack bar, and games made you look forward to the weekend with friends. Now your kids can have that same fun with a roller skating birthday party.

What’s Old Is New Again

Roller Skating has been a favorite childhood pastime for years. In fact, the first roller skate was patented in France in 1819. The skates didn’t look much like the skates kids use today. Their design was very basic and the skates were only able to move forward. Turning was also very difficult.Birthday party

The styles of skates and music that’s played may have changed, but the sport has changed little. Because of that, big kids “at heart” are glad when their child wants a roller skating party. It means a chance to lace up some skates and boogie down like a kid again.

Roller Skating Rink Birthday Parties

Kids love roller skating parties because they’re super fun. Parents love the parties because they’re super easy. Many things are provided and there is no clean-up. Parents can relax and enjoy the memories or even participate in skating too.

Roller skating birthday parties at Playland Skate Center require a reservation. When your child decides that’s the party s/he wants, call us right away at 512-452-1901 or book your party online. Many rinks provide party packages that include benefits such as:

  • reserved table
  • admission and skate rental
  • drinks and cups
  • skating games
  • special gift for the birthday boy or girl from Playland Skate Center

Playland Skate Center allows parents to bring in their own cake and party goods to match the child’s party theme.

Things to Know Before You Go

Be sure to read Playland’s FAQ for helpful information. Lots of important information about charges, deposits, and rules are available on the parties information page.

Remind your child and guests to bring thick socks and to wear comfortable clothing that they can move and skate easily. As with any sport, accidents are unlikely but can happen. Don’t forget your camera!

Playland Skate Center is the best place for birthday parties in Austin, TX. Join us for your next birthday gathering!

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