Why is Playland Skate Center the best choice for your next birthday party? Playland has the finest and largest roller skating floor in Austin. The kids will also enjoy our video game arcade.

This will truly be your party so Playland leaves the catering to you. Bring your own snack items or have pizza delivered if you desire. Please, no outside drinks. The snack bar will be open to serve additional pitchers of soda and lemonade for $4.25 each. So parents, sit back while the kids have a blast at Playland Skate Center. And don’t worry about cleanup! Here is what we provide:

  • Admission
  • Regular quad skate rental
  • Pitchers of Drink
  • Reserved table(s) for 2 hours
  • Table(s) to accommodate the number of children expected
  • Announcement of your child’s birthday just prior to the birthday song
  • Skating games including Limbo, Hokey-Pokey and Races
  • Cleanup

FAQ – Please Read! Frequently Asked Question

Party Times

  • Friday and Tuesday 3:30-5:30pm
  • Friday Night 7:30-9:30pm
  • Saturday 1-3pm
  • Saturday 4-6pm
  • Saturday 7-9pm
  • Sunday 1-3pm

The tables are reserved for 2 hours, but your party can stay and skate longer.

Minimum Guaranteed
Party Price Deposit Number of Tables and Pitchers of Drinks
8 $95 $25 1 Table, 2 Pitchers
13 $125 $50 2 Tables, 2 Pitchers
21 $195 $75 3 Tables, 3 Pitchers

*Each table holds approximately 8-12 guests.  Tables are reserved for minimum guaranteed number of guests only.
**The price includes the guaranteed number of guest.  Each additional guest over the minimum guarantee is charged at the session price.
*** Each additional pitcher of drink is $4.25

There a deposit is required at the time of booking. The deposit will be credited to your account on the day of your party.

Admission Policy: Everyone that enters the rink must pay admission, with the exception of non-skating parents, non-skating grandparents, elderly and non-skating children 3 years of age and under; you must pay for all children attending the party whether they skate or not.

A guest list is required on the day of the party; there is a minimum guest requirement based on the number of tables requested. As the guests arrive, their names will be marked off the list and you are charged for all kids attending the party whether they skate or not.

Form of payment must be established at check in. We accept cash, VISA , MasterCard or Discover. Call 452-1901 today to schedule your next birthday party at Playland Skate Center!

Please, no outside drinks, popcorn, confetti or glass containers!

Guest List Example

Private Parties

Playland Skate Center is also a great place to host your own private party. You have the rink for 2 hours which includes, 75 people, unlimited use of the skate mates and playscape. Each guest over 75 is $4.00 additional. Each additional hour is $100. We provide the lights, roller skates, and cleanup. We will also provide music and play whatever genre you want. You may also bring in your own CD’s or IPOD and DJ your own

party. You can bring in your own food, drinks and all paper products. Please do not bring confetti, popcorn, glass containers, crock pots or sterno. A $100.00 deposit is required at the time of booking to confirm your reservation. There may be additional charges for late night parties, alcohol, and excessive clean up. A security deposit may be required. All guests are counted whether they skate or not. Call 452-1901 today to schedule your private party at Playland Skate Center!

Day Time
Monday call for availability
Tuesday not available
Wednesday call for availability
Thursday call for availability
Friday call for availability
Saturday 10am – Noon $415
Sunday 5:30pm – 7:30pm $415

We do not have private parties on Friday or Saturday evenings because we are open to the public.