Lessons Starting

They say that good things come to those that wait. At Playland, we are proud to announce that the wait is over and the better than good thing is here. What is this better thing you ask? Well, it is skating lessons of course! We are proud to announce that beginning on Sunday, August 3rd, roller skating lessons at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX are back!

No matter where your skill lies in roller skating, and no matter your age, all are welcome to join us from 11:00-11:45 am. We are happy to work with skaters that fall in any range of the skating continuum. As long as you can walk, we can teach you to skate! Beginner, intermediate, or advanced, there is always something to new to learn. Whether you are working on skating backward, or you simply want to learn how to stand in your skates without your legs flying out from under you, come on out to our Sunday morning skating lessons.

We’ve covered the better part in the return of lessons, but we have not shared the best part yet. Want to know the best part? Our skating lessons are FREE! We love skating so much at Playland Skate Center, that we offer our roller skating lessons at no additional cost to you! Our lessons take place just prior to our open Sunday skate session that takes place from noon to 5pm. All you have to do is show up prior to 11:10 am (we would hate it if you missed our introduction and warm up!) and pay for admission to our noon-5pm session. $8 covers the cost of admission plus skate rental (roller blades are extra). This way, you get a free skating lesson, and you have five whole hours to practice your newly learned skills on the skating floor.

What are you waiting for?! Share your love of skating, or your desire to learn new skills with others. Make sure you invite a friend and come on out to Playland Skate Center’s FREE Skating lessons on Sundays.

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