Learn To Skate At Playland

Now more than ever, kids are choosing to forego outdoor activities and opt for video games instead! All though we admit video games can be a blast, we also know how important it is for growing boys and girls to keep up with physical activity! Roller Skating is not only fun, but offers key aerobic, strength, endurance, and weight loss benefits that will keep skaters, young and old, in great shape! That is why we offer group and private skate lessons by Mr. Rollerskate himself, Michael Febonio.

Mr. Rollerskate works with individual and group skaters at all levels. He will accommodate to your personal level and help develop your balance, coordination, and physical fitness on wheels! Plus, you’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget you’re actually “in class”. Beginner level skaters will work on posture, balance, and control as well as skate awareness. You will learn how to fall safely, sideways and individual foot balance, and a number of fun skate exercises along with basic forward skating. Moving up to intermediate skaters, lessons will advance to skills like “shoot the duck”, scissors movements, backward skating, weaving, turning, and T-stopping. Intermediate skaters will also place a large focus on maintaining proper body alignment throughout all exercises. And the top tier, advanced, will push your skating skills to the max! Advanced skaters will work on single foot maneuvering  isolating between skating on your toes and heels, jumping, and sliding forward or backward. You will also practice your skating ‘dance moves’ like the grapevine, shuttle jam two-step and even cartwheels!  There is something for all ages and all levels! In no time you’ll be giving Mr. Rollerskate a run for his money… something he loves to see!

Group lessons are held on Sunday afternoons from 2:00 pm to 3:0o pm for just $5 a person. Group lessons are available as an add-on to birthday parties for an additional $3.00 per person.

Private lessons are (by appointment only) held from 6:00 pm t0 7:00 pm on Friday nights and from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Sunday afternoons. Single lessons are $20 an hour plus the cost of admission into Playland. If you’re interested in more than just one lesson we have a great 4-lesson package for $150. The private lesson package includes the cost of skate rental and a one month skate pass that can be put toward any public skate sessions.

Contact Michael at [email protected] to reserve your group or private lesson today! Get up off the couch and onto some wheels at Austin’s favorite skating rink!


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