Learn How to Roller Skate at Austin’s Playland Skate Center

Are you looking for some quick tips to improve your roller skating skills? We’ve all heard that “Practice makes perfect,” and we agree that roller skating does take practice. Paying attention to the details involved in mastering the basic skills in skating forward is important. We invite you to join us for our FREE roller skating lessons on Sunday morning, but if you can’t we want to share a few fun tips to get you skating like a pro at Playland Skate Center in Austin.

Before skating forward, practice standing on your skates. A great way to balance on your skates without experiencing your legs flying out from underneath you is using the T Position. If your skates are parallel, you’ll find yourself rolling. Placing the heel of one skate next to the inside of the other skate, will allow you to form a capital T with your feet. This will prevent your skates from taking you with them. This basic skill that is recommended from the Roller Skating Association.

After learning to simply stand in your skates, check out these beginning tips from Skate Truck NYC. Their teacher recommends starting with walking on skates. This should be done with tiny steps, and it is important to note which direction your toes are facing. The skate instructor in the video linked below compares skating, and the directions your feet take you, with driving a car. Once you practice walking and foot positions and beginning motions of moving forward and backward, you’ll be ready to start with gliding. Watch the video below from Howcast for more information regarding the basics:

We’d love to hear from you regarding any tips or tricks you’d like to share or see in the future and we hope to see you out soon for one of our great skating sessions!


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