It’s National Family Week – Go Roller Skating!

Playland Skate Center is family owned and operated. We’ve been a fixture in family entertainment in Austin since the 1970s. As a family owned business in Austin, we understand just how important family time is, and we count ourselves fortunate in the fact that we are able to provide a great opportunity for families to spend time together through one of America’s favorite pastime…roller skating!Austin TX

Thanksgiving week happens to be National Family Week. Groups and organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club of America and the Kimberly Clark Corporation, encourage families to spend time together during the week of Thanksgiving. Family time could include a any variety of activities. Some example ideas include:

  • Family Movie Night
  • Family Game Night
  • Family Volunteering Opportunity (such as at a local food pantry or other non-profit organization)
  • Family Skate Night

Of course these are just a few simple examples of ways your family may choose to spend time with one another.

Family Time at Playland Skate Center

We’ve got several ways to encourage family time at Playland Skate Center in Austin, TX. Two of our favorites include our Kids Skate Free program and free skating lessons on Sundays. We know that families are often so busy, and that sometime family outings can be expensive, so both of these programs are designed for family fun on a budget!

Kids Skate Free

Playland Skate Center is proud to be a part of the Kids Skate Free program. As Kids Skate Free members, we are able to offer you the opportunity to sign up for this program for free. Yes, you heard that right, for free! Each week you’ll get two free roller skating passes for each child in your household that is 12 or younger!

Sunday Skating Lessons

We love the tradition of roller skating as well as the exercise it provides. As a family that has been in skating for over 40 years, we want to spread to love of skating. In an effort to do so, we are providing free skating lessons on Sunday mornings at 11am. Pay for admission to our noon session, and the lesson is free! We welcome beginner to advanced level skaters because there is always something to learn!

Don’t miss out on the opportunities for family time during the week of Thanksgiving with our special Thanksgiving skating schedule as well as throughout the year at Playland Skate Center! Post your family skating pics on Facebook and Twitter with with #playlandskate!

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