It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Last year your Aunt Edna drank a little too much eggnog and had to stay over on the couch after the family Christmas party. Your Uncle Steve always brings over fruit cake that your obligingly eat, much to the demise of your stomach. Your family Christmas parties always end up with some interesting memories, but none that you would actually want to share with your friends or coworkers. This year, change it up and make your family Christmas party one that is the envy of everyone you know. Host it here at Playland Skate Center! 

Christmas PartyPrivate Family Christmas Party at Playland Skate Center

Playland Skate Center is the perfect venue for your family holiday get together this year! You can skip having to figure out who is going to sit together, digging out all of your china that has been packed away since last Christmas, and hopefully also skip out on Uncle Steve’s fruit cake. Invite all of your family to Playland and host the party here! The entertainment will be seeing everyone in your family, young and old, get out and roll around the skate floor. Who knows, your Aunt Edna might have been the star disco diva skater in her hay day! You’ll be allowed to bring in all of your own food, drinks, and paper products – we’ll take care of clean up too! We can play your favorite holiday tunes while you skate and enjoy your time together so that you don’t lose the Christmas spirit.

Call us at Playland Skate Center today to book your holiday party! Dates are going fast and the holidays are closing in. We can’t wait to help you celebrate!

Img via Flickr.

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