Hosting a Successful Fundraiser

Fundraising for your school, church, or other charitable group can be a challenge – but it can also be fun! When you decide it’s time for your group to take on the challenge of raising money through a fundraiser, Playland Skate Center is here to help your Austin, TX fundraiser be a success. 

Pillow Elementary FundrasierSet a Goal

There are a few simple steps you can take to help ensure that your fundraiser meets the needs of your group, and is a hit with everyone who attends. The very first thing that your group needs to do is to set a fundraising goal. Figure out just how much money your group wants to walk away with at the end of the day and use that goal to give you something to work towards. Now, don’t forget that you’ll need to add up whatever expenses you will incur through the planning and hosting of your event, and add those expenses to your projected goal as well.


Next you need to strategically decide who you are going to invite to your event. You should consider people’s involvement with your cause, philanthropic history, and their capacity to give. Also, you should be taking into consideration the type of things that these people like and use that as guidance for the type of event that you should plan.

Spread the Word

Now is the time to come up with a creative marketing and advertising plan that will share your event and your cause with the right people. When you build great relationships, you can have a wildly successful fundraiser. The more personally connected to a cause that your audience is, the more willing they will be to reach into their pockets and hand over their dollars to help your group be successful.

Ask! Then Say Thank You

Once people make it to your event, it’s time to ask for them to donate. The number one reason that people don’t donate, is because they were never asked to! Equally important to remember is that once you have a donor, thank them, profusely.

Do you have other insights on how to make a fundraiser successful? Share them with us in the comments below!

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