Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time of year for everyone. Parents get to dress your kids up as a cute prince or princess, and your kids get to become the hero of their dreams, not to mention the sugar rush after a night of trick-or-treating! Playland Skate Center wants to make sure that all of the families in Austin, TX are safe this Halloween, so we’ve got 3 safety tips you should keep in mind when you leave the house for trick-or-treating.

Halloween Safety Tips#1 Light Them Up

On Halloween night, the streets of your neighborhood will be filled with lots of little ghosts and goblins, but they will still be sharing the road with motorists. Make sure that your children know to stay to the side of the road when a car passes by. Also, to ensure that motorists can see your children, light them up with something flashy! Whether it is a prop in their costume that lights up, or one of the safety lights that are available from many local retailers, adding a light to your child’s costume is the easiest way to make sure they get seen.

#2 Have a Buddy

If your kids are under the age of 12, they should be accompanied by an adult for trick-or-treating. If they are over the age of 12, your children should still go out in groups, and preferably only visit the homes of people you know  in your neighborhood.

#3 Do Something Different

If you want your kids to enjoy Halloween, but stay away from the inherent dangers of walking the streets at dark and asking for candy from potential strangers, bring them to a different Halloween themed event, such as Playland Skate Center’s Halloween party! Tonight we are hosting our all ages Halloween party at 8:30 pm. There will be cash prizes for the ugliest, scariest, and funniest looking costumes. This will be a family atmosphere that you can enjoy with your kids in a safe environment.

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