Halloween Haunts

On October 25th and October 29th, Playland Skate Center is going to be full of ghosts and goblins for not one, but TWO Haunted Halloween Parties!

Halloween Party in Austin, TXThis year we are hosting two Halloween parties so that both the kids and adults can take place our costume contests and have a happy haunted Halloween. On October 25th we are welcoming in all ages at 8:30 pm to participate in our costume contest. There will be CASH prizes for ugliest, scariest, and funniest looking costumes.

Adults, hold off on the 25th and wait to join us on October 29th. This spooky night is just for those of you that are over 18. The party starts at 8:30 pm and we will be hosting another costume contest for the ugliest, scariest, and funniest looking costume with cold, hard, CASH prizes!

To help you get ready for the contest, we’ve got a few brilliant ideas for your Halloween costume. Do you have a great idea you’re willing to share? Leave it in the comments below!

1. Zombie

2. Roller Diva

3. A Black Eyed Pea (Wear a shirt with a “P” on it and black out one eye.)

4. Danny and Sandi from Grease

5. Firetruck (Great kids idea.)

We won’t let you go home empty handed either. There will be plenty of Halloween candy to keep you going throughout the night, plus our concession stand will be open as always. We can’t wait to see you for a Happy Halloween at our Austin, TX skating rink! 

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